Lightyear Leadership (formerly igolu) Level 1 | Summer School

Welcome to Lightyear Leadership: Level 1 with Jacki Carr.


The Level 1: Personal Legacy journey hosted by Jacki Carr is meant to create a space in your week and in your life to take time for you, to invest in your now and your future. Together on 4 weekly conference calls (and one buffer week), within a private Facebook Group and assigned accountability partners, we will dive deep into our legacy, personal power, boundaries, our inner listening and goals.

Dates: Tuesdays, June 20, 27 (BUFFER WEEK), July 11 & 18

Time: Live calls will be at 5:30pm MST (4:30pm PST, 6:30pm CST, 7:30pm EST).
Always recorded!


What you will walk away with after Level 1:

+ A clear definition of legacy and your unique impact when you show up as your most true and best self.

+ Tools to access choice, listen deeper and take responsibility of your language versus living in reaction and fear. 

+ An upgrade and a clear understanding of you in the present moment now via interviews with your loved ones. 

+ A vision for your life in 10 years unconstrained of the past and all about possibility.

+ A clear how-to goals 101 and practice in creating powerful and aligned goals, a roadmap to your future.

+ A bold declaration to commit and align you to your highest good.

+ A clear understanding of boundaries and how to be aware of the and implement them.

Each call will be recorded and 90 minutes in duration and inspiration.

REMINDER: "Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space." -Dr Jill Bolte Taylor

I honor people taking time to get real and invest in themselves. Now, I will get to work over here and send you an all access email including : an invite to our private Facebook page, logistics on how we connect and your conference dial-in information.  

NOTE: Each call will be recorded, so if life gets crazy, I will have the call recording available each night for you to listen at your leisure or again and again. Most participants miss at least one call and that is a-okay! Your accountability partner will keep you in check.

Payment plan available. 

Questions, email Jacki at

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