Vision Board 101

Be it your personal desires, your sweat motivation or your career goals, vision crafting is a great way to create direction and choice in your life and spark inspiration.

You might be wondering, where do I begin, how do I write a future vision or even create a vision board?

Take time to clear the reactionary thoughts in the present moment and allow yourself space and time to create the future in a responsible and possible way. Try this: consider yourself 10 years in the future, I know it feels far away, but let’s go there. When we give ourselves the time to daydream, create and manifest, it actually removes the constraints that cause self-doubt or fear in the now. Constraints such as experience, knowledge or time can be relaxed and you can gift yourself with answers you might not know or have today.

So let’s go to the future, take a moment to grab a pen and paper and envision 10 years from today. Grant yourself permission to get really juicy with possibility and answer the following:

Where are you?

What are you doing with your time?

How do you feel in your body?

What does the World look like today?

Who is there with you?

What does your sweat practice look like?

How do you adventure?

Write it down, tell your future story.

Now, let’s talk vision boards to seek images to answer the questions. Grab a few of your favorite magazines, be it the local city magazine, your favorite health magazine, wedding mags or a travel magazine at the local market. Grab the scissors and some glue, a cardboard square and an open mind. I love doing this with friends to connect and share inspiration, so invite a few people over to join and bring the vino, I call them Vision & Vino Soirees.

Start flipping through the pages and see what your mind’s eye is attracted to. Are you cutting out pictures of runners, yogis, avocado trees, babies and perhaps a log cabin in the mountains? Note: I literally just described to you my own vision board.

Start to compile your inspiration cut outs, motivational quotes or feel good images that allow you space to create from what you do want in your life, in your future. Take time to place them on the board and go for the glue. Yep, just go for it.

Upon completion, make sure you feel connected to the board. If there is one image that is bugging you or pulling you to a negative space, remove that image and replace with one that is motivating. I know for me there are some images that create comparison versus self-love, choose wisely.

Place your board somewhere that you can see it daily. Remind yourself the future is yours to create and that vision is where you are going. Your daily practice will create commitments and movement toward that life of your own design.

For digital inspiration, start a pinboard on Pinterest and name it your “Vision Board” or something way more awesome like “Where I am Going” or “Dear 2026, I Love You”. You can choose to pin items that ignite your inspiration and create a visual for where you want to be going with this one grandiose life you are living.

Questions or more information on vision craft, feel free to reach out any time! I would love to see images from your next Vision & Vino soiree!

I am hosting an igolu Level 1 call series over four weeks starting March 21.  Email me at for details and registration. We do an entire call on Vision and Goals!

Vision Board Party. Just Add Vino.

Vision Board Party. Just Add Vino.

Jacki Carr