A 1/2 Way Year in Review: 2017

I know.

I know. It has been a long while. I have been rocking my writing over on our Rock Your Bliss blog and sharing new content!

However. Here I am. 

I recently prompted in my monthly Goals Alive Newsletter to take the time to celebrate the 1/2 way mark that is July. As a goal setter, goal coach and well, goals everything, I find that I can often get caught up in the future, the next steps and forget to take the time to look back, celebrate and learn. 

So, here is my 1/2 way review from 2017, I invite you to do the same!

1) Celebrate your three greatest accomplishments this year. 

1) My daughter Evi now picks out a book and crawls in my lap to read. It is my favorite part of every single day.

2) I was honored beyond measure to create a 2 day people development retreat for Patagonia HQ in California. A company I have long followed and loved, I was honored to create content and deliver power goals work to their team in a badass house we rented called the Whale House (literally in the shape of a WHALE!). 

3) Our Rock Your Bliss retreats have fully sold out this year in under 2 weeks. So excited to be co-creating a movement of bliss with Mary Beth LaRue and connecting to a community of women that make my heart beat (online and offline)!

BONUS: We have friends in Colorado that we love!

2) Anything you want to change or work on for the back half of 2017, consider your core values, your intentions for the year that you sent in January or take a peek at your goals? 

As I write this, my right eye keeps having a weird little twitch. I am curious if this is connected to my screen time or the way that I am handling (or not handling) stress. After having our daughter, Evergreen, I have been meeting so many new parts of myself (fine, insert a minor identity crisis really as I took on the title, 'Mama). I would like to change my relationship with my phone and focus on boundaries. How: I have turned off all notifications (from text, Instagram, all of them) so I am not bombarded. I will batch my emails and not peek at the hidden folder!

3) Are there any new intentions to set or recalibrate? 

Creativity feels like the intention I choose for the rest of 2017. I am committing now to a new sweat regimen for my body that has evolved and changed after birth (to be determined if that is running, yoga, or something I don't even know yet). I want to commit to my writing. It matters. And as I sit here, I realize this year that I am open to new ways of being, as in ways I show up and it has to do with softening. Way more softening. 

And, I would like to continue my relationship with my sleep health (hello 7.5 hours for the win every night...when Evi allows it). 

4) And finally, what is one major accomplishment you would like to complete by December 31, 2017?

Chris and I have a deep seated goal of being homeowners in Colorado in the mountains. It feels big, emotional, daunting, and a dynamic goal we have to set aside our egos for and commit all in.


Okay, your turn.

Celebrate your 2017 year thus far and recalibrate for the rest. Always rooting for you and your goals alive!


Jacki Carr