A Goal Achieved.

I really love the Britney Spears mic....I do. 

I really love the Britney Spears mic....I do. 

Earlier this year, I set a big goal for myself to speak one time per month. I am talking microphone, motivation, and the Jacki Carr version of the SNL character Matt Foley

And I am so proud to share that as of this December month, I have completed that goal!

A huge shout out to my husband for supporting this endeavor and even taking days off to watch our daughter so I could make this goal come alive and my parents who fly in to hang with Evi as I fly out, be it to Ojai or down the block in Grand Lake. It does take a village and I had fear about how I would make everything work as a working Mother who loves her job and loves her family. And what I have learned, write your goals down and ask for help. Keep writing, keep asking. 

As I peer into the future of 2018, I want to highlight some of those speaking gigs this year as this was something I wanted to add to my business offerings, something that absolutely lights me up and to be really honest, something I am really, really great at. 

So this is my business brag book, and writing this I feel so on purpose and excited for all that will come next year in sharing the good words...on a microphone and beyond. 


+ I spoke multiple days at our Rock Your Bliss retreat in Ojai, California. We explore our own personal legacy, boundaries and our impact on the World all while eating amazing food, hiking next to vineyards, yoga morning and eve and real talk on bliss and how we live it. 

+ Mary Beth and I spoke at one of the NIKE HQ offices in LA on crafting your bliss and loving your whole life. A dream to facilitate at NIKE as I totally thought I would work there my whole life! Alas, lululemon caught me for the long haul before creating my own businesses!


+ I spoke at our collaboration retreat with Harness Cycle x Rock Your Bliss in these amazing treehouse in Ohio. We explored our core values, what we do want in our vision and goals to get there. It was a winter wonderland of magic.

+ Also, I led Lightyear Leadership workshops at the inaugural Camp Yoga in Granby, Colorado. We vision boarded with all the crafts and we explore the Cycles of Success as we bring our goals to life. 


+ I created a leadership offsite with the Marketing team of Patagonia HQ in Ventura, CA. We stayed in the house the shape of a whale in Santa Barbara and got real connected, real fast. 


+ I hosted a plant workshop in Denver with my dear friend, Eric Rooney of Rooney Bloom where we spoke to core values and planted a plant to explore our roots. 

+ I also flew to Chicago to speak for FELD Entertainment at their yearly off site on the power of legacy, knowing what you do want and goals alive. 


+ Mary Beth and I flew to Seattle to speak to the lululemon internal team and ambassador tribe about rocking your bliss with clear boundaries and fun. 

+ I also woke up at the crack of dawn to speak at DAYBREAKER, an early morning dance party in which I spoke in 80s songs for my entire 7 minute speech on the power of living a life you love


+ I led my annual Novel Grapes Book Club Retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado with an incredible group of women reading books, sipping wine, hot tubbing, hiking mountains and getting real together. 


+ I spoke with my Denver lululemon ambassador team at a fundraiser event titled 'Here to Be Together' and I spoke on the power of our energy and money, something I never knew I would have the ability to speak on. 

+ Mary Beth and I flew to Asheville, NC to lead our Rock Your Bliss workshops at the Asheville Yoga Festival and explore that cute town up and down!


+ I trekked up to Breckenridge to lead leadership module to the Fierce45 Denver team at their annual team retreat, talking leadership style and goal projects.


+ I spoke at the Moxie Collective, a women's empowerment and networking group. One of my favorite speaking gigs as we talked boundaries and being bold and somehow orgasms was a topic of conversation and we went there!

+ I spoke at the CO Yoga + Life Magazine "The Time is Now" launch event in Denver on the power of writing our beliefs and our own stories of time.

+ I led leadership work at Yoga Ed. in LA as a faculty team member to support the vision and goals of their mission to bring yoga education to schools. 


+ I spoke multiple days at our first ever Colorado Rock Your Bliss retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado. We yoga'd, blisscrafted, hiked, and made pinky promises. It was magic.  

+ I flew to Portland, Maine to speak at a badass brewery to a local run club and support the Grand Opening of the newest luluelmon stores in Maine.


+ I spoke at a local MeetUp for Ascend Agency. We spoke on the power of positive culture in the workplace, the power of communication to your employees and creating retreats and offsites to reset and align again and again to your brand mission.

+ I spoke at the Hey Mama event in Denver supporting the FEED organization and creating a space for Mamas to explore their own limiting beliefs and choice in beliefs that serve them in their whole lives. 


+ I spoke in LA at a lululemon development 2 day off site. We explored and celebrated all that was 2017 and had a roundtable about the left and right side of our brains and our leadership styles. 

+ I led a hike for Hey Mama in my town of Evergreen, Colorado exploring our complaints on repeat and excavating the commitment beneath to rock our holiday season. 

So grateful to the companies and people that invested their hard earned dollars and even more precious TIME in my services. Honored to be working with such great humans bringing goals, bliss, and leadership to the forefront of their culture and lives. 


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Jacki Carr