A Monthly Review: June Review and July Intentions

Each month I have a ritual of clearing out the bullshit that might have been my previous month, celebrating all the good stuff (a must) and then I create a space for the new month with three new words and goals to set my sails on a conscious course (inspired by the amazing Nicole Antoinette).  I find it to be an intentional practice that creates a checks & balances type system, hello accountability and personal responsibility.

So, here we go, day 5 of July, wake up, get up...

The two things I’m most celebrating from June are:

1) I went back to work in June. I am celebrating the messiness that is the navigation of entrepreneur, wife life and Motherhood. The communication with my husband is being elevated to new levels and the inner listening to the shifts in my identity, career and purpose is a practice in which I must must must slow down to hear.  

2)  I taught at Wanderlust Festival Aspen-Snowmass this past weekend, closing June and entering July. I am celebrating a vision I had come to life of leading hikes in the Rockies and exploring vision and goals in nature. More of this to come, most definitely. 

The two things I’m most grateful for from June are:

1)  So grateful to lululemon athletica Cherry Creek for submitting me to teach at Wanderlust and lead work I believe in here in my own Colorado backyard. Grateful for the experience and continued support. 

2) I am thankful for my sweet friend Alex Smith Davis, a healer and grounded human being. In June she treated me to acupuncture in my own home to clear my sinuses, open up my body channels and take a moment for self care. Thankful beyond for talented friends who share their gifts. 

Anything to release or let go of from June, speak now:  Pressure to be my old self in all realms, my body, my style, my career....

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from June is: There is no such thing as over-communication. 

My intention word(s) for July is/are: Get quiet. Listen in. 

One thing I aim to do every day in July is: Hydrate, committing here and now to 8+ glasses per day. 

Because I am brave, here are two new/scary things I will do in July:

1) Launch my September Novel Grapes retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado. I failed last month, something is blocking me. Fear of failure or doubt, I am getting brave and pressing publish this month. 

2)  Meditate. I have been nervous to quiet down and truly listen deeper, more so because I believe I 'should' be in action, on my email or creating. Time to stop should-ing all over myself and get clear and quiet. 

The one book I definitely want to read in July is: 'The Girl with the All the Gifts' by M. R. Carey. We are reading this for my Novel Grapes online book club I lead on Facebook, join in here.

Just for fun, I will… sell my Vespa and buy a pop-up camper!

As an act of intentional kindness, I will… do a park clean up with Chris and Evi. I made a deal with the Earth that I would pick up trash in exchange for allowing me to use disposable diapers!

Your turn, explore your monthly review and get intentional with your month of July. No time like the present to get intentional and maybe press that RESTART button (or hell, even press START).

Happy July to you and you and you!

Love, Jacki

Leading 'Goals on the Rocks' hike at Wanderlust Festival Aspen-Snowmass!

Leading 'Goals on the Rocks' hike at Wanderlust Festival Aspen-Snowmass!

Jacki Carr