A Monthly Review: March 2016

Each month I have a ritual of clearing out the bullshit that might have been my previous month, celebrating all the good stuff (a must) and then I create a space for the new month with three new words and goals to set my sails on a conscious course. As you know, I usually listen to Bone Thugz ‘First of the Month‘ on the first of the actual day of the month and get real about my intentions and goals. Well, life is real and we are getting focused up in my house today on the first Monday and the fourth of the month! Psst, you can do these first of the month rituals any time, any day, at your life pace. Need a restart and it is April 12, yep, you can still do it. And yep, you can even still listen to Bone Thugz.

So, here we go, first of the month, wake up, get up…

The two things I’m most celebrating from March are:

1) The baby nursery is R-E-A-D-Y! That's right, her clothes are clean, the crib is put together, there are Aspen birch tree decals on the wall, the changing table is loaded with diapers and Daddy made a bookshelf next to the rocking chair! Huge shout out to my sweet parents for supporting this process and the husband for rocking his honey-do list over his Spring Break!

2) I volunteered this month at Urban Peak Denver, a local organization supporting the homeless youth with a goal to help them overcome real life challenges and become self-sufficient adults. As an ambassador for lululemon athletica Cherry Creek, they invited me in these efforts to support community and we met at 7am to cook up breakfast for the organization. I made sausage links! More of this, more of this for me is a must.

BONUS 3) I am celebrating and proud of my commitment to write the Body Image Series I wrote last month every Thursday on my blog. Though I thought I would write mostly about my pregnancy journey, the series unraveled my entire journey in my own experience with body image starting from when I was a teen to this moment today. I heard from so many of you of how this resonated and I want you to know that I actually needed to read/share/read again what I wrote and connect with you in this way. Thank you for allowing me the space to share.

The two things I’m most grateful for from March are:

1) My two best friends from college (who reside in the Midwest) flew in to visit and threw one sweet baby shower here in Denver for me and the husband. It was at a local brewery! NOTE: I drank the kombucha option. There was a dreamcatcher craft section, ice cream cake and a diaper drive to stock the nursery. Beyond grateful for my old friends coming in to host our new friends. A beautiful gathering of our community we are co-creating here. Magic.

2) My sweet babe growing at her pace in my abdomen. Though she could be on this list every single time, March felt real. She got really big in March (which means I did, too). She toyed with my sleeping scheduled and dabbles in my energy levels. I am learning so much about boundaries and make sure she knows that I know she exists. I respond to her kicks, I talk to her often. It is the most insane connection I have ever experienced. Grateful every moment with her from now until always.

Anything to release or let go of from March, speak now: I had a beautiful intention to focus on SELF LOVE in March. I rocked a few days in March and I will say this is something I can continue to practice and get clear on how to make these effort conscious without judging myself that it doesn't come easy, organic or natural as I would like.

The lesson I learned and am carrying forward with me from March is: I have been continuing to hear on repeat in my mind the words of Wayne Gretzky, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". To continuing to put myself out there and be in the learning, a forever student and a passionate risk-taker.

My intention word(s) for April is/are:  CREATE. This is the month I will bring a sweet baby girl into the World, I will launch a new website and I will finalize details for my own Book Club retreat in Colorado (Save the Date: September!) and our next Rock Your Bliss 7 Weeks to Bliss Summer course launch!

One thing I aim to do every day in April is: Give myself permission to rest when I need to rest and be the bouncer at the club door of my own clear boundaries.

Because I am brave, here are two new/scary things I will do in April: 

1) Have this amazing baby! Due on Earth Day, April 22!

2) Create time in my schedule me-time and un-interrupted space to update and submit my Vision and Goals for my igolu Level II certification application!

The one book I definitely want to read in April is: Jen Sincero's "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life". Read this for the Novel Grapes online book club I lead on Facebook, join in here.

Just for fun, I will… do a one day digital detox. Date TBD, join me? Looking at you Folk Rebellion to hold me accountable!

As an act of intentional kindness, I will… send 10 snail mail with sweet encouragement and love to people I may or may not know.  Email me your address to jacki at jackicarr dot com and I will send you one!

Your turn, explore your monthly review and get intentional with your April month. Even if we are starting on April 4, no day like today. Give this exercise time, I found myself actually digging in deeper when I gave each question more thought.

Happy April to you and you and you!

Baby makes 3!

Baby makes 3!