A Year in Review: 2016

I walked in the snow to my local coffee shop to sit, write, reflect and concentrate. It was the 5th of January and 8 degrees outside, my phone froze on the way there. It was magic.

I wanted to take time to honor, learn and appreciate all that was 2016. Celebrate all the amazing that happened and get clear on some of the not so amazing that I can learn from today, now, in this moment. 

Upon sitting down at the community table with my Americano and one huge water, I opened my gold computer. Yes, it is totally new and I love it, yet I immediately closed it. I reached into my bag pulled out a turquoise notebook and a pen.

I began to write.

I began to feel. 

On the LEFT side of my page I wrote the word 'JOY' and on the RIGHT side of my page, I wrote the word 'LEARN' and above it was 2016 in large print and a note in the top L-hand that read 'A Year in Review'. I began to write on either side, flipping back and forth as my mind scrolled through the month of the past year. I caught myself in a public space on the brink of tears, as I often do as a fairly emotional human-Mama-being.

Here are a few of my reflections: 


+ Falling in love with my body (perhaps for the first time, ever) while pregnant. Realizing the celebration, the acceptance, the immense power and magic was ... well, it was magic. 

+ The birth of our daughter, Evergreen Marie. My life and how I love is forever changed. I am Mama. 

+ How alignment with intuition matters in all domains of my life. Especially in love, in celebrating my marriage every single moment. 

+ My inaugural Novel Grapes Book Club Camp, a retreat to Grand Lake. We hiked, we wine'd, we book club'd, we face mask'd. It was magic and I led the entire retreat with Evi there (with support of her Grandpa and my husband, of course)!

+ So grateful for a family who flies in to support and spoil Evi so that I can share my gifts with the World.

+ Launching our first Rock Your Bliss 7 Weeks to Bliss online offering with Mary Beth LaRue. And then offering it twice more in one year. A whole new chapter to RYB, the community is real.

+ My college best friend, Alex and her husband moved to Colorado. Alex held my hand at my home when I went into labor and was one of the very first people to meet Evi Earthside. Special.

+ The actual monumental feat of labor + delivery with Chris. The teamwork, the listening and the deep seated love we share, I cry typing this. I promised to listen to Chris in our wedding vows and I listened like I have never before when he coached me breath by breath to meet our daughter. 

+ Seeing my best friend, Matt Hoglund stand up on a stage and produce and rock his one-man-show in support of his trip to Africa with Imagine1Day. My heart on fire as my family flew to LA to surprise and support him!

+ On a microphone in front of a group of people is my bliss. I am a public speaker and I love the work that goes into it, all the jitters and the major connection it creates. This is me on purpose. 


+ Dear Jacki, learn again and again to keep in the practice of listening to your whole body and slow way, way, way down. Or, the Universe will make you.

+ Healing takes time. Enter patience. This is grace. 

+ There is no such thing as over communication.

+ On a beach with Mary Beth in February, our friendship transformed and do I and of course, so di our business. Real talk for the win. Every single time.

+ Asking for help and realizing that I really cannot do it alone. And, I don't want to. 

+ Learning that my natural state is abundance and releasing inherited legacies that do not make all those amazing images on my vision board even feel close/real. Patterns run deep. 

+ Everything in my calendar, I said 'yes' to. Make sure to say YES to your values and all of you (beyond career and money)!

+ If you feel something, say something. 

+ Making friends in your 30s is still...so interesting. 

+ Sleep IS important. 

+ My writing is salve to my soul. And there are some days where I receive an email from someone that read my words and relates and perhaps we get to heal and laugh, together. That is why I write. 


 Grounded in my celebrations and my learnings, 2017 I am ready. Now. 

Love, Jacki 

Photo X CJ Conrad

Photo X CJ Conrad

Jacki Carr