Comfort Zones X GOALS

I find every goal that has pushed me and challenged me or perhaps I failed twice and then achieved, those are the ones that gently shoved me out of my comfort zone. And those are the ones that pushed me into that next evolution, that next chapter of me.

I was asked on a podcast recently the difference between a goal and a to do list item or task. I said a to do list item you can mostly likely finish in 30 minutes today. Real talk: You close all those tabs and focus, I bet it! And yet a goal is bigger. You most likely don’t know how to get to it. The goal needs many to do lists to actually come to fruition and it needs trust that the person you will become is becoming and the people who will support the goal are coming and the trials and tribulations to get there, yes they are there too.

Here is how I see it: A goal is a request you make of yourself and the Universe with intention and a time marker.

And for me, I goal and let go! I don’t look at my goals every day. Hello crazy. I would literally be crazy. Because when I control and cling and grip, I miss the magic and that lean into uncertainty showing me the way, the new possibilities and all that trust. Hello 38 Special, Hold on Loosely is my goals setting theme song!

And wow if goals don’t get me so alive! Lit up and scared and excited and what in the literal eff all at the same time.

Thoughts on goals?
Love them or leave them?

Jacki Carr