Dear Self, I Break Up With You and You and You

On our recent Rock Your Bliss retreat to Mexico this month we spoke about breaking up with old versions of ourselves or even present versions that no longer serve us.

Whoa nelly, I have so many self break ups.

To name a few: the crazy, party girl. The insecure with other women girl. The prove it girl. The “everyone, look how busy I am” girl. The impatient girl. The “I only talk goals ever” girl. The chameleon desperate to fit in girl. The people pleasing girl. The never show your emotions girl. The interrupting girl.

I could go on. And those are all parts of who I have once been. And I have taken time to let those versions of me go.

I forgave.
I said thank you for the learnings.
I honored that time. Some of those versions were really fun. Some were so not!
And I evolved.

However. Some days, they sneak back in. The exes, if you will! Just for a second to see if you have really grown, changed, moved on...

And we might fall privy to our old, comfortable way. We might give in, even if for a minute. And what I know is I get the chance to break up again. And again. And learn. Evolve and grow. Yet this time, a little bit faster.

Go easy on yourself. We are in the midst of break ups and learnings and evolutions a lot of the time. Let’s go easy and have a little compassion. Ask what you can celebrate or what about yourself are you crushing on? I’m doing this right now. Feels so damn mature and I love it.

Jacki Carr