Guest Blog: A Business Card Manifestation

Guest post written by goal getter and radiant client, Linds Falkowski: Let me start by saying that I firmly believe in the power of knowing what you want and then asking for it. There is so much strength in having the courage to say your dreams, out loud to another person. This is powerful. Period.

It was my life-long dream to move to New York City. I grew up in a small town in rural MD and all I thought about was getting out one day. I used to watch Friends episodes and imagine myself as Rachel, working at Bloomingdale’s or Ralph Lauren. So I studied hard and went off to college at University of Delaware with plans to major in Fashion Merchandising.

Fast-forward a few years, and my life was pretty different than I imagined. I graduated but with a degree in marketing (it seemed like a safer bet). I met a boy and fell in love. So, now I had a house in the ‘burbs, a husband, a dog and a child. But something about that picture was off. I never did the big thing I knew I was capable of. I never went for the dream. Something needed to shift.

So I went about making plans. Setting goals. I started working with one Ms. Jacki Carr who helped me get out of my own way. I realized that when I let go of that dream, I had lost an important part of myself. I needed to get back to that version of myself in order to move forward.

The difference was that the fashion industry didn’t hold the same appeal that it did in my formative years. I decided I wanted to combine my work experience (I was a merchandise manager for a local craft brewery) with my personal values and passions (yoga/wellness/travel). So as I looked at brands that I was interested in working for, Wanderlust was the first thing that popped up.

Here comes the courage part. I started talking. I told everyone I could about my plans to move to the city and how I wanted to work for Wanderlust. And people listened! They were so supportive. Some offered words of encouragement. Some offered to help in any way they could. That’s the beautiful part of sharing your goals. People generally care about each other and want to help. People helping people…

When I shared my goals with a coworker at the brewery, he said that Wanderlust had approached him about being the beer sponsor and gave me the business card of the woman who contacted him. Maybe she could help me get a job there!

I took the card but I worried that a person on the sponsorship team wouldn’t care about some gal from Dela-where? trying to get a job making branded yoga gear. So I did what first came to my mind. I used a white out pen to erase her info and I inserted mine – the role that I wanted!

Because I believe in the power of asking for what you want, I put that out into the Universe. I carried that business card in my wallet everywhere for almost an entire year.

My first day working at Wanderlust in NYC almost a year later (it happened!), I told the HR girl about the card. She insisted that I bring it to the team meeting that afternoon and share it with my new coworkers. When it came time to introduce myself to the team, I pulled out the card and the reactions were amazing. They were convinced I would fit in perfectly because I had manifested the role.

Ironically, I lost the card shortly after I started working at Wanderlust. It was like it had done it’s job and I no longer needed it. I had the courage to ask for what I wanted and the patience to know that the universe was working behind the scenes. I had faith in action.

The actual business card.

About Linds: I am a yogi, a momma to a beautiful baby girl and a possiblitarian. I love thunderstorms, good books and caffeine. I believe that laughter is the answer to almost any problem.