Guest Post: Three Things a Day

Written by Olivia Stanzer Confession: My to-do list is miles long.

Seriously, it spans multiple notecards, post-it notes, notes on my phone, and even notes in my journals. There’s just so much GOALS to be done! Yes, I’m a total personal development-addict and have a tendency to take on way too much at one time. There’s so much knowledge to be had and the beauty of technology today is that it’s easier and easier for that knowledge to be shared. Each program, whether it’s a gratitude/fitness challenge or a course on women’s health, has so much to offer for myself and my clients, and I can’t wait to soak it all up.

I’ve quickly learned though that it’s not possible to do it all at once. Shockingly, I can’t actually participate in four different programs, keep up with all the latest research, run my own business, be fully present with my clients, and, you know, actually enjoy life with my man in the mountains.

In an attempt to cut down on my to-do list and get back to truly living life, I rifled through one of my old journals the other day in hopes of finding the answer. There, in my own handwriting, I found advice from my dear mentor-friend Lauren. A couple years ago, she had told me that just doing three things a day towards my goals would get me to that sweet success. So simple but so much truth! Three things is do-able, it’s manageable and we always have time for three things. Whether it’s writing down an idea, drinking a green smoothie, or writing a blog post, each step we take brings us a step closer to our goals.

Heck, even one step a day means you will have taken 365 steps towards your goals by the end of the year! Imagine where 365 steps (times 3!) gets you in one year! What will your life look like then?

I’m realizing that I’ve been attempting to make myself into an all-knowing guru of women’s wellness. So essentially Mrs. Google.

Realistic? No.

Fun and life-fulfilling? Definitely not.

I can though continue to grow and build my knowledge-base, one sweet step at a time. I can read the newest bit of research on energy-boosting nutrition, then go out and implement it in my own life. Boom! Two steps taken and I’m enjoying life while doing it!

Share with me three steps that you are doing today to get to your goals. I would love to hear!

10 handstand attempts a day is one step towards reaching my handstand goal

10 handstand attempts a day is one step towards reaching my handstand goal

About Olivia: Olivia is a certified Women’s Health Coach and trained as a prenatal yoga instructor and Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in the pelvic floor. Currently loving life in the mountains of Colorado, her passion is helping women find the love and strength in their bodies. She does so by guiding them to their highest potentials of wellness that comes from being empowered from within to make lasting lifestyle changes. 




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