GUEST SERIES: Confessions of an Introverted Entrepreneur | Part 2

Don’t be glitter, be this instead.

Guest Series Blogger : Nick Wolny


Don’t be glitter.

Glitter is the thief of security deposits and the bane of domestic existence.

There’s glitter in my shoe from a birthday party eight years ago. There’s glitter embedded into the yoga studio floor from opening day. And I swear to God there’s this piece of glitter on my nose that has been there since age thirteen. Even this guy who made glitter a fucking business gave in because he couldn’t deal with the agony of supply chain handling.

I recently thought of glitter while trolling social media. I usually block social media – I use this thingamabob for blocking Facebook’s news feed on my laptop – but it’s not blocked on my phone and I was at a Texas DMV, which means hours of waiting with no end in sight. Commence marathon feed of news. 

I read lots of somewhat-sparkly stuff that flirted with self-destruction. I see this person’s vacation and that person’s new house and engagement after engagement after engagement – some of them recorded with a selfie stick. Three engagements in one day.

Jealous rage alert. I immediately conclude that the evening should be a whiskey-on-a-Wednesday kind of night, which consists of feeling inadequate, trolling OKCupid, binge-watching Strangers with Candy, and using all the gerunds I can get my hands on, though not necessarily in that order. I selectively forget that Facebook is a sugar-soaked highlight reel, and that the real world is more still and savory than #lifelove implies.

I read lots of complaints. I know these people actually care about their complaints; Susanne has coached me on that before. Their motivation isn’t clear. Are they pissed about traffic because they care about their time? Why is that? Or are they posting about gridlock to court sympathy? Or is it connection? Hear the complaints, listen for the commitments, I recall.

There were also some diamonds in the rough. I re-read some phenomenal posts from my yoga challenge’s private group from the beginning of the year and feel inspired. I read several cross-posted articles on all kinds of subjects that provoked ideas and thrilled me – this one, this one, this one, and this one. I bookmark four new quotes in cute fonts. 

Now my brain is conflicted. Has consumption of my news feed left me depressed or inspired? Can it be both? Does anyone else experience this?*

 I realize the glitter will never go away, and I’m the one that needs the behavior change. Even when it’s for sale, Nick, don’t buy it. Even when it’s FREE – don’t scoop it up.

 It’s just so damn tempting. One handful, and another, and another. And then out of nowhere we realize we have spread glitter.

Or maybe we don’t realize it. Here are some examples:

- If you’re spitting out unqualified instructors from teacher trainings without a continuing education plan in place, you are glitter.

- If you are forcing your employees to post persuaded Glassdoor reviews en masse that are full of questionable cons and clearly inauthentic, you are glitter.

- If you’re going to events, giving out those goddamn luxe business cards and being a network jerk instead of adding value like we discussed last week, you are definitely Mariah Carey-grade glitter.

It happens. Maybe you thought you liked glitter. You probably have that mixed up with the word “sparkle”. I’m cool with you doing as much of the latter as you want – and in fact you need to do that to create true connection, wild business success, and the relationship of your dreams. No pressure.

Here are three ways to sparkle in business and life without ruining people’s houses and wardrobes. 

1. All action steps toward your 1-year goals that actually take less than 10 minutes to complete should be done now. Right now.

 You say ‘tomorrow’. And then tomorrow becomes your life.

You want to go to Thailand? Buy the flights now. You’re saving up for a car down payment? Set up a monthly auto draft from your account now. You want your employees to be powerful self-starters? Give them the keys, the training, and the space to be entrepreneurs. Today.

This is painful, of course. We’re human and procrastination is the go-to. If you’re not actively in action, the procrastination grows back anyway, just like a weed.

I have a question for you: When you declare that shit will happen, do you believe yourself? Tell me – I’m all ears. 

 2. Slow down to speed up.

 It’s convenient to tell the world you’re drinking a smoothie and get validation. It’s less convenient to share an insight so impactful it inspires someone to do epic shit in the years to come. (The latter also tastes way better.)

 Whether you’re building the foundation of your business or the foundation of (your name), Inc., invest in quality now to scrape the sky and reach for the stars. Your future self will thank you. 

We are cognitive misers by design. This means our high-quality thinking and feeling is often in short supply. Not every hour of hustle is created equal – figure out which hours and moments are your sweet spots, and then position your most important creations to be hustled on during those times. Stop impressing yourself with how hard you work and how tired you feel.

 - You’re an owner who wants their life back? Use your sweet spots to create kickass, self-starter careers for your team.

- You’re an instructor who wants a financial breakthrough? Pitch your skills to your peers and add value (part 4 of this series will show you how).

 - Not sure where to start? Read blogs, Listen to podcasts, get that good shit in your ear. It starts with inspiration. 

3. Stop the fame game. Start an empowerment movement.

Don’t tell yourself you’re going to start a movement. That’s the fame monster creeping in.

Focus on sharing with your whole heart. If your heart pounds when you get ready to share, you’re on the right track. Bring vulnerability to the surface and you’ll discover there’s an entire tribe of like-minded people who were waiting for you. They longed for someone to speak up so they could have permission to be their best selves. That person is you and that time is now.

How do you share with vulnerability and with purpose in a way that brings a community together? I’m reminded of this Howard Thurman quote:

Here’s my suggested approach in a nutshell:

Step 1: Light yourself on fire. Go to step 2.

Step 2: Give to others without expectation. Offer help, offer value, offer more help, and offer more value. Go to step 3.

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2. Bake at 350 degrees until everything is fluffy and light and fucking delicious.

Ta-dah - now you have an empire of empowered, self-starting people impacting the world. 

Do these things, and your glitter forecast will be minimized. (The glitter I would have mailed you, that is.) The good news is that the body-mind industry has never been bigger; now is exactly the right time to create and build sparkly businesses and shiny content and shimmering careers. Together.




Jacki Carr