Hello October. Notes from Hippie and Human Resources

I have been travelling A LOT for work the past few months. On and off planes weekly, mostly to the West Coast so I can hardly be in complaint (ever). Grateful to be busy, grateful to be grinding, grateful to be in creation. However.

I realized about a month ago that I was feeling somewhat off center. It was way too easy to blame the travel, the dehydration on planes and the lack of sweating due to said travel schedule (insert excuses here and eye roll). So I did that exact blame game for a hot minute and then I had to dig a bit digger. You know that moment when your body is like, "hey you, figure it out now"?

So, as you know, I went all the ways to dig with many different shovels. I called in my crystal lady to get me a crystal grid reading stat. I called my best friend and fellow igolu leader, Matt Hoglund to get real and honest with me. Angel cards, where art thou? Beach walks with my mentor, Susanne Conrad. Dear vision board, why are you under my bed?

You get the idea, I went for all the hippie and human resources I could find. And oh I have some findings.  What a perfect day on the first of the month with your cleanest slate to share them with you.

Here are my top learnings and tips to get intentional in October:

1) Create rituals to ground. When travelling, I often show up and say, "Here I am!" and await the new ground to actually ground me. (Nope. Don't wait.Takes too long.) My crystal lady recommended a sweet ritual or something from home to ground me when I travel. I totally forgot that part, so upon returning home from my last trip, I started a morning ritual in my own home. Ritual meaning a series of actions I choose to do at the same time each day to create connection, ground me and rock some sweet harmony in my body. So here is what I have been up to the past three days, I wake up to kiss my sweet change-the-World teacher of a husband to work, I make a green dream smoothie (with spinach and banana + bee pollen) and I walk the dogs at 730am (no phone allowed). It feels so good to wake up with a ritual that serves me. This month, can you create one ritual that you will commit to daily? What will it be? And it can be anything.

2) Write it down. Always. I have humongous post it notes, I am talking 25 X 30.5 inches. They come in white and yellow legal pad style. Great for presentation and in my world, great for home decor with goals written on them. I was going through the post it notes posted up in my breakfast nook and I had one that read August goals. There were check marks and scratch outs and also unfinished goals, a lot to celebrate and a lot to contemplate. I went looking for September's list and realized that I had not done one. When I look at August versus September, I see focus versus busy. I see intention versus fly-by-seat-of-pants style. There is power in writing down your goals, every single time. Happy October 1, what are you creating this month?  Listen to the podcast HERE to get some direction on how to set intentional goals for October.  I made it just for you (and it was my first time, so I ramble. I promise to get better)!

3) To binge on Netflix or binge on books? I choose books for October. I did a test this past week on sleep patterns. I am going to get real honest with you, I love Parks & Rec. I mean, I want to work there with Leslie Knope, somehow get Ron Swanson to be my friend and hug Jerry (because that guy!). And to get really honest, I have already watched the entire show, all seasons. I am actually watching them again, round two. So I did this test the past week with binge watching P&R, and by binge watching I mean like a good round of three episodes in bed before turning in. And then, the next night I would read my (online) book club book, Brene Brown's Rising Strong (so good, read it now, right now). And what happened was astonishing. You guys, the articles (like this one) we have read about screens before bed, it is all real. I got (way) better sleep with no screen and a sweet read session than I did hanging with Leslie, Ron, Chris and Anne Perkins via the MacBook! So in October, it is all about reading before bed. Book of choice is The Untethered Soul : The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer. Read a book to zen out this month and choose one that allows your mind to expand.

4) Vulnerability 101: Ask for Help. Speaking of the master of vulnerability, Brene Brown (which please tell me you have watched her TED Talk more than once), I am realizing over and over again the power of vulnerability in relationship to human connection and leaning on one another when shit gets hard. My favorite formula to recreate when I am in a state of reaction is this: "I can do it by myself". Like I am five years old and learning independence all over again at age 31. Let me tell it to you straight, I cannot do it by myself, this whole life thing. And to be real, you can't either. When the struggle is real, reach out and get real. Over and over again I remind myself of the power in releasing the bullshit story I am telling myself in that moment of self doubt that maybe I am not cut out for this, or he/she is already doing it way better. Get out of your head and let someone else (you trust fully and love wholly) give you insight, perspective and truth from a place that is higher than you can lift yourself right now. They are the Steve Winwood to your funky storytelling, giving you a higher love. Pick up that phone, have your most trusted sources at the ready (maybe even give them a head's up that you are stepping into vulnerable town this month and you are going to lean).

5) How do you really want to feel? I went to a Dreamer's Dinner last weekend with a delicious potluck, neighbor friends (which yes, I am making friends in Denver finally), and dream circling. It was quite wonderful, I highly recommend. So my new friend, Alex was leading us through some seasonal intention setting and she asked us how we want to feel for the Fall season? I have read Danielle Laporte, I have seen her videos and I have heard all about the CDFs (core desired feelings) seven ways till Sunday. But for some reason it never clicked for me in my own practice, until the Dreamer's Dinner. And I dig it, I dig asking myself, "hey self, how do you really want to feel". And then from those feelings, I have been creating goals that support the intention. Oh hello feelings and focus. How do you want to feel this month, three vibrations, go! Always feel free to share in the comments.

6) Finally, the balance of goals is in one's openness to uncertainty. There is a beautiful balance between having clear direction, knowing what you want and how you want to feel and creating that roadmap AND on the flipside, being open to all the ways you are going to get there. I always liken goals to hiking a mountain, the path/trail is never straight to the top (ever). You have the switchbacks and the inclines and then all of the sudden you are going downhill for like 37 minutes (all that progress, what the hell? you say outloud) and the openness is accepting the entire path to the get there. The happiness rarely comes from achieving the actual goal itself, it is truly all the moments to getting to that goal that creates the joy (and sometimes madness). Be in the moments and so open to the unexpected moments (people, signs, places or things) that will move your closer to your goal.  My mantra inside my bathroom mirror for the past 8 years, 'I am open to receiving'. It is in the unknowing that we can be explorative, curious and in inquiry about all that is coming....this October.