I Set the Goals, Now What?

GoalsAction I remember speaking with co-workers back in my lululemon life about goal setting and visions and getting after the life we love.  The company is rooted in a culture of goal setting and entrepreneurship (totally rad) and really set me on the course I am on today with goals, coaching and living life on purpose. A theme started to surface in one of my roles at HQ where we hashtagged and shouted and created email subject lines within our teams speaking these two words:  GOALS ALIVE.

This means when your goals are on fire, you are in that arena Brene Brown speaks of and you are bringing your whole self to the life table. The goal is in action, felt and vibrating not only in you but also in the others you have enrolled and recruited to make it happen. (Life Hack Reminder: we cannot do this goal thing, this big life thing, this vulnerable all-in thing alone).

There is so much power in writing down your goals, dreaming, manifesting and getting clear. And, I have heard from quite a few of you lately that your goals are written, but now what? The bigger question being: how do I actually breathe life into my goals?  How do I breathe my life into these big goals?

First thing first, let's talk goal blocks. Common blockers that come up in the goal breathing actioning steps:

"I just have too many goals, I feel overwhelmed"

"Where do I even begin? My goals are way BIG!"

"How do I know these are the right goals for me?"

"What do I do to keep myself accountable and on track?"


Sound familiar? I do the same exact thing. My common blocker is lack of focus. I can consume my time with emails, instagram, a dog walk and phone a friend (or talk for hours with my sweet Grandma) and completely close the computer with a head nod of a busy day.  However, that busy mind (cough, distractions) got me nowhere closer to my written goals and my future vision.

So I took it to the streets (i.e. the email inboxes) and asked some of my favorite humans all over this globe about their practice of getting their goals in action. I said to them, "hey rad human, how do you get up to breathing life into your goals?" Of course, the power in these responses is recognizing that every person rocks goals their own way, and so can you.  Get inspired, read on:


"There was a time when I thought writing my goals down was enough. Hey, I'm great at manifestation, so putting it out into the Universe should be plenty. Uuhhh, NO. I learned very quickly that I need to get into action. Once I am clear, the work begins.  

Self care is my path to action. It may seem strange, yet it's true. When I am meditating, getting out in nature + making the time for regular energy sessions, the blocks are removed. I am in my body and moving forward. The voice of fear or doubt is on hiatus because being in my body means I'm not in my head.  
A solid foundation of my why + my goal are all I require. The H O W is the magic. I'm never attached to the way a goal shows up, I am simply in the work. This allows a trust + freedom in my highest good and who I really am, making the work + creating my future is so much easier!!" -Tracy Keough, Founder of A View from the Cove, Vancouver, Canada
"Ok, so how to get into action: Start small. Smaller than small. Like, a tiny action step. Example: If you’re new to meditation and want to begin a meditation practice, instead of vowing to meditate for 30 minutes a day, meditate for just 1 minute each day instead, and build from there. Want to start a 100 push-ups a day? Start off by doing just 1 on day 1 and add 1-2 more more every other day. Why? Research has shown over and over, that people who start with incredibly small goals or habit-changes struggle less with emotional fatigue - because starting small gives our brain time to process the new ‘thing’ it’s learning. I mean, you can’t not do 1 push up or sit down for 1 minute and meditate, right?" -Liz Goodchild, Founder of Liz Goodchild Life Coaching, a sweet rural small town in Germany
We are all blessed with a dream...and sometimes it might feel more simple and we can call it a goal. Whatever you want to call it, do something every darn day toward it.  I really dig fresh slate, so the start of a new day is the perfect time to start.  I prepare for this the night before -- if it is an appointment at the bank or a run. I lay out what I'm going to wear, I know what I'm going to have for breakfast and when I go to bed at night...I'm ready to wake up one step closer to the goal. I like to think that everyday I'm in this practice I am making a 1% shift toward my goal. And after 3months, I've made a 90degree turn toward the dream. Try it out!" -Steph Corker, Founder of Steph Corker, Inc, written from Kona, Hawaii (where she is competing in the Ironman World Championships)
"Oh man, how often do I find myself stuck in inaction. Netflix is such a faithful friend - how can I betray her when there are so many good shows to watch. When I am needing that push to get off the couch - I work towards connecting to my vision. Part of the work I lead and practice is writing a ten-year vision for my life. Who do I want to be in ten years? What impact am I making? How do I feel? What am I doing? When I'm stuck -  I look at who I am and what I am up to in my vision and choose to be that right now. If I can be that future version of myself RIGHT NOW then I can began to cultivate and create the life I want. I connect into what it feels like to be living that dream life and then integrate and feel it in my body. I can intellectualize and rationalize all I want but it is the visceral sensation of connecting to the future that gets me into action.
Another tool I use is getting my friends on board. I have a faithful group of friends who are up to big things. I know it is way more likely I will do something for someone else than I will for myself. So, I started an accountability group with two friends. We meet once a week and lay out mini goals to be accomplished before our next session. Each session starts with recapping what we accomplished, what we didn't, and why. It is built in accountability, learning, and community. I highly recommend it! - Matt Hoglund, Matt Hoglund Coaching, North Hollywood, California
"I haven't written down my goals in a long time. Instead I work with a weekly (sometimes daily) intention that helps me creatively color and craft my week accordingly. This has helped me move into such a harmonious rhythm with my "goals" that I don't even refer to them as such anymore. Instead, I'm making choices based upon how I want to live, show up and feel on the daily. I then reflect back on the week and see what felt good and what didn't and adjust. This process helps me cultivate my intention for the following week and the following. Moment to moment, breath to breath, ebb and flow baby." -Mary Beth LaRue, Yoga Teacher and co-Founder of Rock Your Bliss, Venice Beach, California
"1. Write down your goals small, big and pipe dreams. 2. Read them everyday and ask yourself what you are doing to move yourself in the direction of obtaining these goals.
3. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Start with bite size goals that you can accomplish...Set deadlines to accomplish them. Once one is accomplished reach out for the next.
4 Resources: you may need resources and not have them (this could be anything from money to a venue)...speak your goals tell everyone - what you want to accomplish and what is keeping you from accomplishing that goal. You will be shocked and amazing that when you verbalize to your community someone will come forward with a resources- just what you needed at just the right time.- Lela Butter, Owner of Another Kind of Sunrise + Author of We Can do Butter, Venice Beach, California
"My shadow inner narrative occasionally likes to creep when I decide to make bold moves.When this happens, I take my shit, add an F, and create a shift.I change the vibrational pull my thoughts are magnetizing. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, I shed my fear stories and make the conscious choice to speak what I want into existence.There is a divine brilliance to be had in declaring out loud what it is you want to happen. To scream it from your mountain top and share it with everyone around you that will listen.That's where the magic happens.

The magic that is enrollment.

Once you enroll others there is no turning back. Enrollment is the birthplace for accountability. And once accountability steps into the arena it's no longer just about you, it's about them. The world needs what you have to give."- Danielle Doby, Founder of @IAMHERTRIBE and Photographer, Dallas, TX

"Whenever I set a goal and struggle with taking action, I practice a little something I like to call "curious compassion." Instead of trying to motivate myself to move ahead, I gently and kindly tune-in and ask myself, "what's going on here,  Alex?" There is always wisdom in our resistance. By compassionately and curiously examining what's *really* holding me back from taking action, I often discover something I hadn't considered or unearth the fear or limiting belief that's been keeping me stuck." -Alex Weber, Founder of True North Life Design, London, Ontario, Canada
"I have sort of a non-attachment relationship to my goals. I love writing them pretty much weekly in my notebook with more deep dives at the start of each season. What I write down ranges from work dreams I want to launch, to ways I want to be in partnership.
But here's the catch (or two) with my goals. First, they come from a feeling place. I stick to the idea of how I want to feel for the next week, month, or season and I let that feed what sort of material things I link to that feeling. Second, I write my goals down, map out some 'to dos' attached to them, and then close my notebook and keep on rolling with life. I rarely read a goal list again or go back in time in my journal. Because I have some Type A in me I keep the 'action items' attached to my goals living and breathing (i.e. reach out to this person, write a thank you note, hit up the museum). More often than not, I write a goal down and trust that the moment I was writing it focused the energy enough that I spun something in me and in the world beyond me into action. It sounds sort of crazy or out there to say it, but more often than not what I've written down comes to fruition. I think this is because when I set a goal, I set myself up to be open to the possibility but I don't push it hard or feel attached to how the thing I want arrives.
There's something about receptivity with goal setting that I really believe in. That we have to put out into the world what we want, mirror that energy we're longing for, and then.. the kicker is that we have to stay wide open to the way it (sometimes unexpectedly) arrives." -Alex Smith Davis, Intuitive Coach at Intuitive Readings with Alex, Denver, Colorado
"I think the most important question you have to ask yourself when you are setting a goal is, “Why? Why is this goal so important to me?” I find it’s easier to achieve a goal when you are connected to your bigger WHY. I also like to anchor myself into a particular goal with a visual reminder – it can be something as simple as a phrase or quote on a post-it note on my computer monitor, a vision board in full view, or a small item that I see every day and use to pause and reflect.However, if you’re having a hard time taking action on a particular goal, perhaps it’s not you, but the goal itself that’s not working. Again, this is why it’s so important to tap into your bigger WHY for taking action in the first place. I’m a big fan of Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map. Her bottom line is asking yourself how do you want to feel, and then taking those actions that will help you feel that way. It’s simple, but powerful stuff. Remember, if it’s not a 'hell, yes!', then it’s a 'hell, no!'". -Liz Dennery Sanders, Founder of SheBrand, Los Angeles, California
+ Time.  (You have it.)
To no one's surprise, I think what holds most of us back from implementing goals is the perceived lack of time. I constantly have to check myself. I find myself replying to emails "Sorry, so busy!"  I chat on a work call "Ugh, that time of year, right?!" Hint: it's always "that time of year". As it turns out, you have the time. If you're really being honest with yourself, you'll know this is true. Waking up early won't be a chore if your goals align with enhancing the quality of your life. You won't miss those extra ten minutes if you are making time for something that brings you joy.
+Trick yourself. (It's out of love.)
No matter how much or how little I want to start something new, even if I have the time, I have to psych myself up. I trick myself. I have to really change the internal conversation. I went through a phase where I carried around floss in my bag and told myself I was a "woman that always had floss" when I wanted to floss more often. I'd see it in my bag and say to myself, "Ugh, I can't go anywhere without my floss! I love it!"  It's over the top... but it works.
+ Know your worth.  
I've shied away from truly committing to a goal when I've felt like I don't belong. It feels like buying the yoga mat, the clothes, the membership to the studio and everyone's in a handstand while you hide in the corner in child's pose. Here's the good news: the police force will not arrest you for trying. They will not ban you from your goals of a dairy-free diet or moving across the country. There aren't any repercussions for showing up and giving life a whirl. You're allowed to; you're worthy.
+Trial + error + trust.
Things that are meant for you will not go by you. Just don't force a square peg in a round hole. Don't be harsh on yourself. Treat yourself kindly and commit to goals that serve you. You are a kickass human. You've got this.  -Meghan Gallagher, Founder of Humble Rebel, Los Angeles, California

Your turn:

How do you get your goals in action?

Do you rock it your own way (because life reminder: there is not right way to do it)?

Always love hearing from you, share in the comments to create a conversation and keep the vibrations and actions flowing!