igolu : My Experience

Hello dear friends, I have been in a Pen-Pal state of mind, so I am thinking of you as a friend and I am writing to you in a wool sweater and boots with a warm pumpkin black tea on my desk. Many of you have reached out with the upcoming 2016 igolu Level 1 certification open asking me about my personal experience and how I like the program. To be honest, so many of you reached out that I am offering a 4 week call series of igolu Level 1 in November – for more information, email me at jacki@jackicarr.com ASAP.  Only ten spots available and we shall start next week!

So, as you know, I am an igolu certified leader and I truly love the work. I lead the content in workshops, on retreats, on a stage, within my relationship and on that yoga mat. I lead this work because I believe in it, I know the shifts that I created and continue to create in learning the work and what I have seen it do for others. And I have massive R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the Founder, Susanne Conrad.

So for you curious future igolu leaders, here is my back story (because I think it is important to know what got me here and you can totally scroll down to the bullet points in bold) and my own igolu journey:

I grew up in Houston, Texas. I am an athlete and always played on team sports, an older sister of 3 amazing sisters, and grew up in a sweet neighborhood with bikes and a neighborhood pool and a cop living next door. I rocked God squad all through high school, even signing a contract not to drink, do drugs or have sex while leading the good Word. I was a positivity nerd all through college trying to give people advice on AOL instant message, studying rhetoric and gender studies and literally living the opposite of that contract I signed in high school. I have a strong will, gnarly drive and I really believe in people. I do.

Often times, people ask me where the passion and all the positivity comes from. I throw a nod to my badass parents, who raised me to be brave as hell, get curious and ask all the questions and speak my mind always. I throw my hand up to my God squad days, something about prayer and feeling like someone always had my back got me through some internal (and external) drama. I had an old red Ford Mustang as my first car (crazy parents) and I used to roll up (manually) the windows and talk to God when shit got hard. A lot of forgiveness requests, to be honest. And finally, I can honestly say I make great friends that tell it to me straight which I sometimes hate, but love more than anything in the World. And to be real, being negative is really so exhausting.

Fast forward to life after college and the massive identity crisis that was my 20's. I went from gnarly Hollywood desk jobs and found a rad home at lululemon athletica, a rad company that takes care of their people, lives their brand values as best they can and talks vision and goals all day. I met Susanne Conrad, the Director of Possibility at lululemon and she was a force to be reckoned with – as I have stated in my writing before. She led Vision & Goals for the company, led leadership training for everyone and truly walks the walk and talks the talk. I shadowed Sus for over 5 years wanting to be a Director of Possibility somehow, some way. When she launched igolu (pronounced i-goal-you, not igloo), I was first in line to sign up and request certification. Honored and so grateful, I was selected to receive the training a la lululemon, a development gift I will always cherish.

Talking definitions: igolu is a leadership and communication movement that integrates the mind and body. The content is about leading your life to be your best self, leading others and leadership within the World and has five levels.

I left lululemon two years ago working both in stores and for headquarters to journey out as an entrepreneur. I am now a goal coach owning my own business, Goals on the Rocks where I work with clients and companies to get grounded, get real and get clear on their values, vision & goals. I also have co-founded Rock Your Bliss, a bliss movement for the mind and body bringing yoga and coaching together in workshops and retreats all over this rad land. I am a wife, I am living my goals, and I am doing the best I can.

igolu had a massive impact on getting me where I am today.  Be it moments stuck in a rut, rocking my goals or doing exercises in my own home with markers and post-it notes, this work has a foundation that I stand on to create my own programming and live a life I really do love.

So I want to share with you:

Here are my top takeaways from igolu thus far, because the learnings truly never stop:

+ I have choice, always. Choice in how I show up to the World, choice in how I react and respond, choice to make a change (be that my career, service for the World or choosing to be happy moment to moment). There is always choice if I can pause, check myself before I wreck myself and see the choice(s) in front of me, there are always at least three.

+ LEGACY is now. Talking my personal legacy, my mark on this matter and how I present myself moment to moment does make a ripple in this Globe, moment to moment. Have you thought about your legacy lately? It is a big question and one worth exploring.

+ Asking for help from those I love. For so long I tried to do it all by myself.. (Author’s Note: Doing it all alone NEVER works). One of the calls in igolu Level 1 is about interviewing people in your life (who love you and hold you higher) and taking the upgrade, listening closer and getting clear on how you show up. Mind blown. I do this work yearly.

+ The power of a future VISION. Creating my goals from the future was a big shift for me. Getting into a place of possibility, dreaming bigger and believing in myself fully. My ten year vision has been a stronghold for me in my life to keep truckin, even when shit gets hard. Knowing and being so inspired by where I am going is key to my goal practice.

+ Goals on goals on goals. You know I love the power of goal setting. I believe in direction, I believe in setting and sharing my goals and I believe in failing my goals. My type A self circa age 11 would shudder that I just wrote I believe in failure, but snap, I do. Writing down my goals, getting them visible and getting them so aligned to my truth has been a gamechanger in stepping out of my comfort zone and living on purpose with purpose.

+ Let’s talk boundaries, set them. I am honest about my ego and talk/write about my constant journey of unraveling. Be it unraveling of the walls I set up or the power hungry side of me that sometimes towers over people, I know that about myself. Yet, there is a beautiful balance that can be found here. The ego creates your identity, what you really want and choice. I have to know who I am and continue to learn who I am to show up for others instead of collapse my identity to be loved, accepted or instagram liked. I believe in boundaries, igolu Principle 4 might blow your mind.

+ Releasing the blame game and victim card. I hated (and still hate) getting in trouble. I will not even park in a parking lot that says it is for a different store in fear of getting in trouble, getting a ticket and getting towed. So you know, as a kid and a grown up, I loved playing the blame game so I never had to take personal responsibility for my actions and could stay 'looking perfect' all the time. (Another Author's Note: Looking perfect = lame.) And then if I did get in trouble, oh the agony. I would call my friends and vent, vent, vent and talk about my life as the victim. You all know what I am talking about. igolu really got me uber clear on taking the reigns, taking back the pen and getting real on my own life ownership. HUGE.

+ Finally, the true integration of the understanding that language truly creates our reality. Everything after I am ____ creates. Getting clear that my words, be it external or internal (huge emphasis on my internal language here) do actually create my energy. This was huge for me when integrity was on the line, when I would say yes to some event or coffee date and then bail, flake or show up late (often). I got clear on owning my language and aligning to my Hell Yes and No allowed me to go all in, 100%.  None of this toe in the water, 80% way of living.

I know there are more, but for the sake of our PenPal time together, these seem rock solid. I send you so much love and guidance in your own journey of personal exploration. Because truly, that is what it is, a massive exploration adventure to the self, again and again. The inquiry into what brings you joy, the restoration of your most true and powerful self and the magic in the human connection, I keep getting curious.

Always happy to get curious, together.

And you, Goal on with your badass self!

Rooting for you always, Jacki Carr