Life Hack | Conscious Calendar-ing (it is a verb)

I have said most likely over 100 times in recent days, "if it is not on my calendar it is not happening!". I need it scheduled, I need the Google reminder, I need to see it color coded. Do you run your life this way?  I used to be a diehard moleskine day calendar girl with written post it notes and written appointments. And then one day, I switched to Outlook and then over to Google Calendar and I have created a digital addiction to life prioritization. However.


In recent months, I see (with gratitude) my full and total commitment to my clients, my work schedule and my Rock Your Bliss commitments on my calendar. And yet, I find that I easily forget or brush off the 'me' appointments, like yin yoga, a sweat session, date night with my husband, or a rollerblade in the park ...

With this digital pattern and accountability, I realize that I need to schedule myself, my whole self on the calendar. Therefore, in my Google calendar you will find me time color coded purple. I call this practice, this life hack, this action:  conscious calendar-ing 

I love alliteration, so this really works for me in a language perspective.

And I love how I feel when I focus on my whole self, not just 'work Jacki'.

Conscious calendar-ing is the action of adding all of you to your calendar.

So let's talk about this life hack. First things first, get clear and conscious on what all off you means to you. For me, I know that my calendar is heavy on work plans. Therefore I need to add in husband time, alone time, sweat time, nature vibes and rollerblades (to name a few). Take the time to get clear on your own self care and the texture of your life (not just your work life).

Let's make a suggestion list so you feel inspired to rock your calendar now:

+ Magnesium salt bath tub. Add candles.

+ Wine night with your girlfriends.

+ Solo date to the movies. You, a tub of popcorn and an ICEE.

+ A mid-morning run. Join a run club. Start a Nike+ Challenge.

+ Nature escapes, get outdoors and go camping.  Backyard counts!

+ Shopping spree.

+ Sign up for a photography class, a screen print class, a nude painting class. Express it!

+ Me time. Seriously, just write me time on your calendar, you can surprise yourself when it dings!

+ Hammock swing with great book. Sub Front Porch Swing, if need be.

+ Tea time. Fire up the kettle and sip the tea with a newspaper. Love the ink on the hands.

+ Digital detox. Ditch the phone for one hour and explore the disconnection (and reconnection)?

+ Journal session. Write it all out.

+ REMINDER : Breathe. This might be a slot in your calendar blocked off in the middle of a gnarly back-to-back tday so you remind yourself to breathe.  Oh man, to be honest, I have to get better at this one!

+ ...

The list goes on and on depending on what you want to feel, how you want to explore your days and what you need in that moment. Now second, the trick is checking in, pausing and getting conscious on what you need now in the present moment and being able to plan your weeks (and months) intentionally.


Ask yourself what could make your week amazing if you did something for you this week?

Write it down.

Okay now, go put it on your calendar!

Some of you most likely said vacation or trip to Europe or sleep on a beach (and you reside in Kansas)... But seriously, it might not be available this week, however, can you get it on your calendar this year? And what can you actually place on the calendar now?

I often think of those amazing athletes and focused humans that plan out all of their meals on Sunday. You know who I am talking about, you scroll their instagram and there is literally tupperware and protein powder everywhere. And I think to myself, why would I not consciously plan my week on Sunday and choose to include all of me?

Because you know and I know, it has to be on the calendar.

In purple.

Scheduled with a ten minute pop-up reminder.

So do it. Take the time to add YOU on to your calendar.  I mean, right now.  What can you do this evening to consciously calendar and get intentional?

Share your self care list below, let's get inspired to live whole and complete.

Reminder: It is a practice. Conscious calendaring is a radical practice.


Possibility, PresentJacki Carr