That Mom Life, Though: A Product Review

Okay Mamas, it is about time I put together some of the products that are rocking my Mom Life game. I know every baby is different and I also know we are all doing the best we can with what we have got. And hell, I might have something you don't got that you are going to want to get got!

Here we go:

1) California Baby | We put this Newborn gift set on our registry and are still using it! We love the products and the French Lavender lotion is perfect after bath and helps calm her to sleep (you will see, I am a fan of anything and everything to support sleep). 

2) This Petal doTerra Diffuser | My doTerra heartbeat and founder of Inspired Wellness, Audra gifted us this diffuser before Evi was born. We use it every. single. day. I even had it in my labor & delivery room. We fill it up with Lavender, On Guard, Breathe, or Lemon (to name a few) and sleep like bricks (yes, Evi, too). 

3)  Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit | Evi literally looks like Ralphie's little bro (Randy) from A Christmas Story when he can't put his arms down in all that winter gear. And she sleeps like a dream, so thank you to the wizard makers.

4) These Baba Bandz | It was really important for Chris to feed Evi to feel that connection. Took me a month and a half to get that pump life going and when I did, I needed a note on the bottles in the fridge to know which was which and what was still fresh! These rubber bands are a dream to add the dates/times to each bottle!

5) My Strong as a Mother Club tank top. | Because it says Strong as a Mother. Period.

6) Bla Bla Dolls | These soft and sweet dolls are so ugly they are cute. Evi was gifted Legend the Unicorn by her Auntie Allyson and she wraps her arms around it and my heart expands just a little bit more. 

7) bebebyme Baby Headphones | We took Evi to her first concert to see Ray Lamontagne and she rocked these mint green headphones like a baby champion!

8) Moccasins, All the baby moccasins! | We love minimocs (yep, in neon hot pink) and moc happens from Itzy Ritzy (we have the little fox pair!). Great gifts to give and so fun to see on chubby baby legs!  

9) Ergo Baby | I went a little crazy trying all the baby wearing carries. And we love the Ergo. We are hikers and on-the-go, so this was a MUST. 

10) BOB Revolution Flex Stroller | We love this heavy duty stroller, I am still exploring my jogging legs and this stroller makes me feel pretty badass. 

11) A Pak N Play | Get one. We have this Graco one in navy blue and love it!

Moms, what are your favorites? We can add to the list, these are a few of my favorites thus far!

Love, Mama Jacki (and Evi)

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

A visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Jacki Carr