Mother Runner.


My first 1/2 marathon as Mama!

It was a big and emotional race for me yesterday in Santa Fe. Had to share some learnings:

I am at a (much slower) different speed that I was before and that is great.

My ego doesn't rage as much to beat that girl in the tutu next to me. Phew, how nice to enjoy the race.

The girls both got finisher medals, too! They were amazing!

This was my vision, mama with that running stroller. Probably more park runs than 13.1 miles but I let the goals surprise me and often!

And I felt like me. I was there in that race, not some comparison or need to get that medal, I was really there.

STORY: I took over the double running stroller around mile 3.5 through 6 and again at 11.5 through the finish line. There was a hill after the mile 12 marker and I started crying, like hyperventilating style crying. Not because the hill was so fucking hard but because I was so proud of myself and grateful for this body, these children watching LION KING in this insane THULE stroller we borrowed from our neighbor and my husband up ahead waiting to finish with me and my Dad somewhere back there rocking his health! A full body experience add tears.

Finally, I was not there to beat anyone on that race course, I was there to be more of myself and challenge my limiting beliefs, my old patterns, who I used to be and what speed I used to be at and almost let all that dissolve in sweat and meet myself right here, right now.

I plan on running more as it allows me to be more me.

Coming for you, RACE SLO 2020!

Cheers to being more of ourselves and running our own damn race.

Jacki Carr