My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide LIST

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Could I love Cousin Eddie more? 'Christmas Vacation', watch it tonite!

Could I love Cousin Eddie more? 'Christmas Vacation', watch it tonite!

This is right around the time I start to panic about gifts. My organized friends have been totally ready and wrapped since December 2, my Mother most likely wrapped and ready since July! And I start to Amazon freak out! And yet, I want to be conscious, support businesses I know, people I love, and brands making a difference in the World. 

So here is my 2017 gift guide list to support your shopping! And hey, do something totally different this year, consider the people you are shopping for and how you can support their vision and goals with your gifts. And please, do not forget to get yourself something, self care can be in a rad holiday gift you give your own damn self! 

And of course presence, making eye contact, and being all in. I really believe my husband's love language is gift giving at Christmas, so in honor of his traditions, gift presents AND presence!

Amazing Stuff I Would Love Someone to Gift Me:

Beekeepers Natural: The powers of honeys are mighty are where do I even begin. This sustainable company in Canada has stolen my heart and all my honey ventures. I spray the Propolis every morning, I make hot chocolate with the raw honey cacao superfood and the BLXR is no joke a royal jelly fix for focus and brain health! Check them out and how cool to give the gift of health and bee love!

Vortic Watches: Get your analog on with so much purpose! A local Ft. Collins company, this company is all heart, beyond cool in regards to sustainability and taking old and making it new, and I love winding up my watch to tell time every few days. You can customize your own with Grandpa's old pocket watch face or choose a design. In love with wearing an old school watch again. 

Routine Cream: Natural deodorant that actually works and is super clean, created by sisters who love armpits. My favorite is the SUPERSTAR, yes more charcoal, it is magic! And do know they have ones without baking powder, my pits cannot touch that!

ManCan Wine: It is wine in a can! Great for camping to pack in/out, fun to show up with a 6pak of vino and delicious. NOTE, one can = way more than one glass. You have been warned. Created by badass dudes in Cleveland, Ohio who wanted to lose the stemware, I love it! Enjoy!

BeautyCounter Balancing + Charcoal Mask: Holy pore cleanse with all clean products! I am a big proponent of self care in many different ways and face mask in my furry grey robe and house slippers is some kind of magic on me. You. Must. Try. This. 

Gift someone a new morning ritual with a beautiful card deck, The Moon Deck. I love this deck for beautiful inspiration in the morning or evening, they are beautifully illustrated and so divinely feminine!

Harper Collins books! Such a great selection from self help to memoir to romance novels. If you ever need reading inspiration, pop on their Instagram or over to their different categories to explore!

Give the gift of ROCK YOUR BLISS, we have a beautiful gift card available in our BLISS STORE so that you can gift someone our 7 Weeks to Bliss online program! Check it out and join the program to rock your 2018.

Give Creative Gifts that Support a Real Human Working with their Hands:

 KARACOTTA Ceramics: How beautiful to support work made by the real human hands of Kara Pendl, these ceramics are stunning. My favorites are the Sage Burner Bowl, all the Mugs, and the Soap Dishes!

The Rugrat: Deck the walls with handmade rugs from Hannah Pendl (yep, that is her creative sister up there!). I have the Slim Fringe hanging on my wall and it literally makes me smile every single day. A great gift from a Midwest heart to gift any of our boho chic friends!

Tayler Carlisle Photography: If you follow me on Instagram, you know the magical talents of Tayler Carlisle as she captured all my major life moments from my wedding day to Evergreen's newborn photos and our recently family pics of the three of us now that Evi girl is walking! If you are getting married, this woman is the magic. Book her right now. 

Mama Breathe Deeply Malas: How fun to give the gift of intention and ritual from this Mama artist, Anne on Etsy. You can order your kit, choose your intention and get to knotting in 2018! Cheers to us working with our own hands! Created from a space of healing, this Mama infuses love into these beads, I know it. I feel it.

Avo Ink: A fellow book nerd like me, artist Natalie Carrasco is a calligraphy queen. I have custom quotes in my house from her sweet hands to my bare walls that give me the reminders I need every day. And yes, they are quotes about books. Local to FoCo, Co, check out her workshops!

Happy Holidays to you and you and you!

Love, Jacki Carr

Jacki Carr