My Crazy 20s. I Made it Through.

I had a moment alone this weekend where I told my husband I was going to take a nap but the mind, well she was a-racing, so I didn't nap yet took some time with my journal. 

I sat down in this chaise lounge thing by my unlit fireplace and I listed per page age 20 through age 29. And I started to explore the moments that made up each year. To name a few....The nicknames I acquired, the boyfriend I broke up with via email before leaving to study abroad (I had reasoning, I promise), the time I wrote a tutu for my entire 22nd birthday day (get it, tutu, as in 2-2), my Hollywood life and passing out caffeinated mints to strangers in nightclubs to make extra cash, or starting my lululemon life and (over)drinking that spandex kool-aid and getting so lost again and again yet finding myself along the way, writing a blog about riding a bus in LA and getting on the cover of the LA Times for it (so crazy), all the duck face pictures (ugh), that time I got lip injections....on reality TV, getting a dog, launching my own businesses, meeting a tribe of women that have changed my life, falling in love with my husband, all the karaoke, ... SO DAMN MUCH.

Probably enough to fill a book and make me laugh, cry, scoff and want to crawl under a bed and hide foerver or stand on a mountain top and yell "I AM BADASS" all at the same time. Because wow, I got through it.

And so did you.

Or if you are seated right there in the shitshow that can be 23, you will get through it. 

I promise. 

And that is my note to you today, take a moment to look back. Look back say 10 years into the past. The many job titles you have held, or the embarrassing nicknames, the people who were there and the people who have stayed and some that have majorly left and probably for good reason, the lessons you learned and the way you handled things then versus the way you handle things now.

From this recognition of my growth, and my oh my have I grown, do I start to look forward and see how much change is possible in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years. From this place of embarrassing moments and holy shit wake up calls to hell yes, look what I did, I see that possibility and dreaming is so important.

From this place, I begin to craft a vision with no constraints and a lot of wisdom. 
And you can too. You will, too. Go create the future. 

Roughly 23. What. In. The. Hell.

Roughly 23. What. In. The. Hell.

Jacki Carr