New Year Hike Five Days Later...

Some times I put pressure on myself as a goal coach to have my shit perfect. I lean into, well, a great goal coach would have their goals ready by January 1 and a video for you and a group coaching call avail and maybe a meme of my own quote even!

And then I ask myself, wait, what does Jacki want? All up in that third person talk.

And then I remember that I am most valuable as a coach when I am living the work authentically, being imperfect in all my vulnerable glory and telling you on this day of January 7, I have not written my vision and goals yet. And I feel totally great about it! Taking my tender time with it.

Truth is, I want to take January to marinate, to steep 2019 and allow myself space to cleanse, get grateful, celebrate and ground first. Some times that might take me two days or 22.

And just like our New Years Day hike that we do every year happened on January 5, not January 1, it is imperfectly perfect.

So give yourself permission to marinate if need be. Take your time. Try on tenderness. And allow space instead of pressure. When I am forcing it, I can’t hear my intuition and I create from a space of reactivity. Not this year. Going all in with goals from a space of connection and intuition, hello guts, I can hear you now!

So today, happy new year again. When ready, rock those goals and if you need a gentle nudge or ass kick, my events to hang in real life are on my EVENT page here or set up a coaching session.

And our Rock Your Bliss 7 Weeks to Bliss program starts FEb. 5, join!

Happiest 2019!

Jacki Carr