On Creating a Vision when I am Already Happy.

I have been speaking with a lot of you about Vision-ing, the practice of designing your future with a vision of where you will be in ‘x’ amount of time free of constraints and even all the crafts of a vision board.

I was asked about the vision process when you are already happy. Is the vision all about change?

My simple answer, hell no.

My vision is about looking forward and asking what do I want for myself, for my children, for the World. And in that space there is change and yet...AND YET, there is deep celebration for all that I have learned, all that I have failed, all that I have become and grown up into, a deep bow for all those that have helped pick me back up along the way and a sense of home within as my values are alive in my past and present. And so my vision board has change and possibility all up on it and also includes the same hikes (not any bigger), and the same man I make out with with maybe more smile lines and the same drive to make this world amazing for my daughters, for me and for you.

A vision is a space to dream. And how beautiful if right where you are is a damn good dream you want to keep living now and now and now.

Jacki Carr