On Getting My Hopes Up.

I went to Africa last year in late April.

And I bought a blue dress.

I actually did not purchase much for myself from this trip until this blue dress in a small boutique shop with my friend Chantey. All the women wear these beautifully printed oversized t-shirt style dresses and they tuck the sides up in their underwear. Simple, maybe a little see-through and comfortable, I wanted every color.

I bought the dress with every intention to wear it when I was pregnant with our first child. It is roomy. Chris and I were actually to be married in one month from the date I landed back stateside and children were so much in our vision.

The dress, yes I would wear that dress when pregnant with my sweet babe.

And I have. I do.

And I smile.

I smile because it happened. I smile because it feels right to be a cause in the matter of my own life, my own choices, my own future. 

I so believe in manifesting. A trendy word right now and yet I like that a trend around manifestation is taking shape in our society, or I should say this self help society bubble I scroll on instagram and beyond.

I believe in getting my hopes up. I do. I have learned that you can look at this life one of two ways, as a circumstance or a gift. You choose. Get your hopes up, go all in. Again and again and again. 

Why yes, there is heartbreak there and missed expectations and let downs. And there is also so much love there, so much possibility and collaboration with God, the Universe, Buddha, Santa…all of the above. Getting my hopes up is being alive. Keeping my hopes down is for my comfort zone and living into my fears, no thanks.

And I so believe in my vision. I believe in my goals. I even still believe in the goals I have failed because they taught me something. They taught me something about me, my life and how I show up (or don’t show up). They most likely (most definitely) were part of a reason I chose to pivot, shift and make a new choice or new goal.

I say buy the dress.

See your goals alive.

Get your hopes up.

Photo Cred: Tayler Carlisle