On Growing a Human. Mind blown.

Pregnancy is insane. Like the most insane experience when I sit and truly think about what is going on in my body. Which in case you were wondering, this is what is going on. Do people talk about this? Am I just not surrounded by Moms, have doctor/nurse/OBGYN friends or in the Mom groups yet to really have been exposed to the massive-ness that is taking place in my body, in female bodies globally, hello, where we all came from?

Basically, I am multi-tasking right now. That is right, I am writing, making tea and growing a human all at the same time. Literally. Didn't Oprah say there is no such thing as multi-tasking? I feel like I have quoted her on that before. Well Oprah, I believe it not a second longer.

I feel like what is hitting me in waves lately is the notion that this is where we all came from. Our mother's bodies (I know, I know, with help of Dad). I remember telling my Mom once how special it is to be her daughter as not many people can say they have heard her very heart beating from the inside. Isn't that so special? I think so, too. And even when I was telling her, I don't think I understood it in all its glory.

Until now.

Sort of.

It makes me realize the deeper connection within us all. We all came from another human, we were all within another human. I feel like it is too easy to get caught up in where you come from, like the rich/middle/poor neighborhood, or the big/small/quiet/loud family, or the Midwest or West Coast... when really, you came from Mama. That's right, you came from your Mama and your first months of life were inside of another human being.

Do I sound like a crazy person for writing that again?

I feel like I want to high five everyone at the playground and say, "You came from inside your Mom? Me too!".

If you pause for one moment today and think about it, do you see the monstrosity of the thought? The making of a human is obvious science AND radical magic happening all at the same time, it is blowing my mind today. 

We are all the same.

We are all the same, from the same.

Last thought, I promise. Is it the taboo or hush hush-ness of sex talk that keeps us from understanding this, even as we grow up? Is it the stork delivery story that played tricks on our mind? Is it too confusing to explain (obviously, I am having a hard time grasping it all in my 30s...)?  Do we not want to make the dudes feel bad that they can't do this?

What do you think?  Have you thought of this before?  Whether you have children, are pregnant or have been a child before (cough, all of us), take a moment to think about shared space, human connection and wow, the female body making room to hold another body, heart, mind and soul. Does it blow your mind or land nicely?

Had to share.

Comment or email me any thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

Love, Jacki