Reflection / 2018 Goals Hikes

Reflecting on what lights me up, where I got grateful, where I felt so alive in 2018 and these Goal Hikes were all the magic.

I set a goal to lead one hike out in nature together where we create community, connect over real talk and guided coaching content, perhaps make new friends and get intentional EVERY month this year. All while our sweet babe Nora was growing in my belly, bigger and bigger (and way bigger).

Life is real and I actually ended up launching 11 hikes this year and I am so proud of the work I did. The work we did out here in these Rockies!

Thank you to everyone that came and hiked up the mountains and got real. To the women that partnered up with me to co-lead content, the photographers that captured the magic and all the brands that kept us fueled with java, booch and bars, thank you so much! As I always share, y’all support my goals alive, it really is always better together.

Let’s do it again in 2019 in that fresh evergreen air!

Goals hike GALLERY here.

Jacki Carr