Side B, the Flipside.

Back in the olden days, there used to be these things called records, made of vinyl. They spin on this machine and music comes out. Yes, like a CD but bigger, with two sides (side A and side B) and the sound quality has a different ear feel. Now, word on the street is that side A was filled with the songs that the record companies and music producers thought would be hits and would sell more records. In comparison, Side B (also known as the "flipside") was the side where the band or artists could show his/her/their creative side, true colors and have more freedom with their sound experimentation.

I honestly do not know if this is true or not but I like to believe it to be so.

Kind of like how I believe red wine (every night) and dark chocolate (mixed with peanut butter) is good for the heart. It works for me.

So any given afternoon, I turn on the Edison lights in my reading-slash-listening room and I open the Crosley record player that looks like something from the 50's (true confession: I got it at Super Target). I like to sometimes just choose a random record from my husband's Dad's collection on our library shelf. I give a listen to side A and then I get rebellious and flip the record over to side B to feel as if I am listening to the soul side, the less show and all heart side, the experimental side, and the more human side of the ear feel.

You feel me?

And then I wonder if we as human beings have a Side A and a Side B?

Do I have a 'flipside'?

A lot of clients, friends and random Facebook messages have been jamming with me on the masks we wear. Like the facade we showcase or the act we play in front of others to look good and belong. Do you do this? Oh, I have definitely done this and I do this.

So is this our Side A?  The personality choice that we know has and will be a hit, the way of being that we know will get people to like us and invite us over more? The showcase, the guaranteed laughter and the safe side.

Consider it.

And if so, what is would be on our Side B?  The personality that we save for at home when alone playing records and dancing naked?  The personality we save for our most favorite human in the world, the people we marry, best friends and/or family? The vulnerable, the radically human and the raw side.

Consider it.

Do we give side B enough air time?

And by air time, I am talking oxygen, prana, life force.  Are we breathing life into our full true nature, the socially accepted and the super weird sides?

If you were a record, what would your Side A sound like and what would Side B sound like?

Are they drastically different?

Are they similar?

In answering this question for myself, I believe my Side A is very expressive, independent, fearless, outspoken, confident, more aggressive like power vinyasa yoga and a bit more rock n roll. In considering my Side B, I believe I am (way) more emotional, snugglier, softer like yin yoga, even more cheesy goofball than you can imagine and like a slow, acoustic jam with a piano in it.

Go on, explore your Side A and your Side B, the flipside.

Can you create balance in your own human expression, in the ear feel you put out there and embrace the popular and the creative, the accepted and the experimental, and perhaps the light and the dark?