The Courage of Drag Queens and Astronauts

Have you read BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert? It is a really great read I reference often.

She has a chapter about projects in life in comparison to a road trip. You KNOW I love a good analogy to let a point land.

So you are starting your project, cue the analogy: the road trip. You get in the car and are all loaded up. Now, who is coming with you. Yep, think of all those human emotions. Fear, courage, confidence, doubt, worry, happiness...we have them all. The question to consider is who is navigating?

I often hand the Waze to Chris if I’m driving or anyone riding shotgun. And they get me where I need to go. Safety.

Same concept, who is riding shotgun? Courage or fear? And listen, you have the choice.

For so long I tried to delete fear. Numb it. Fight against it. However, this is a real emotion, a part of me and honestly a good part of me when it comes to intuition or you know, hiking around wild animals!

So when I start a project, I put courage up front and fear in the back seat. I have a talk with fear, I say I know you’re coming but I’m not listening to you. And most times I put doubt right next to fear. To be really real, I might have to put them on top of the car in one of those THRIVE carton things.

This is honoring all of our self while being in choice with how you drive, how you create, how you show up and offer your unique gifts.

So good right? Thanks Liz!

Photo in my Neighborhood!

Photo in my Neighborhood!

Jacki Carr