The Magnetic Change Current of a New Year

Oh the magical time of December 26 - Jan. 1, that time where we are literally like who am I? Perhaps some of your are like, where am I, both physically and emotionally right now. Who do I want to be? How will I really make it right next year?

I believe @thefatjewish on instagram said it best with this meme:

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 1.13.19 PM.png

And to be honest, it can be a confusing time. We can really get caught up in the energy of it all. I say this with the utmost honesty because I feel myself leaning into it. I feel myself leaning into the questions and the false desire to change, change, change faster. Be better, different, amazing faster.

And while it can feel exciting, most what it really makes me feel is a deep seated need to grab another handful of red and green peanut M&Ms and really savor the flavor of that chocolate and peanut mix with the hard candy shell.

So here is what I am going to do while crunching on these delicious / terrible snacks. I am going to get grounded, I am going to get grateful, I am going to get real celebratory and step into 2019 with a clear understanding of who I am right now, not who I will be on January 1 or in 2019, I am talking right now.

My game plan:

1) Grab a journal. Don’t worry about it being brand new and amazing, I am talking paper. And if you want brand new and amazing, here is my new one I am obsessed with!

2) Pen, marker, or even an old school mechanical pencil…

3) List the page 1 - 20. And in those 20 spaces, leave a blank space between.

4) Now, list 20 things you are grateful for. Consider things you are celebrating from the time you had in 2018. And for real, have fun. They don’t all have to be these huge philosophical a-ha moments. One year and every year after, I wrote down (and still write) how badass I feel that I learned how to do beach waves in my hair. Truth.

5) Got your 20? Now circle the top five.

6) Next to each of those, write down what you learned about yourself. What did you learn, how did the moment make you feel? Who did you show up or did that moment/thing change you, rock you, upgrade you or remind you of who you have always been?

7) I know, taking gratitude to the next level. Do all 20, I dare you.

8) Now, the spaces you left in between. Go ahead and write down 20 things you want for 2019. TWENTY! These can be material things, goals you want to accomplish, how you want to feel, a project you want to launch…. go.

9) Step back and see your lessons of 2018 guide your action for all that will be 2019.

The dynamic that is the sweet combination of looking back and honoring our past, leaning into it and learning from it as a stable foundation for what we do want in the future, in our 2019.

And best part, you can do all this in your sweatpants. Right now. On the couch.

Invite friends over. Do it together around the Christmas tree that I hope is still up!

Or meet me in Chicago on December 29 and we will do it together at Flex Pilates overlooking the magic that is the Chicago Skyline.

Take the time for you. It is a time to reflect, celebrate and learn. AND THEN we can start to declare our 2019 in the most confident, clear and open way.

I wish you the best! Right now.

Photos X  Jenna Dailey Photography  X Rock Your Bliss Retreat in Ojai, CA

Photos X Jenna Dailey Photography X Rock Your Bliss Retreat in Ojai, CA

Jacki Carr