Tips from a Goal Coach on Becoming a Goal Coach

In my email inbox on a monthly basis lands an eager heart ready to rock goals for the World. I love hearing from you and it is important work, so let's get up to it together. The main questions I receive are how did you get started, how do you know which certification to pursue (and do I really need one?) and any tips to move me in the directions of my dream of becoming a coach?

I wanted to share my 7 tips with you right here, right now:

1) Get clear on the Why? What is it about goals coaching, vision creating and brining this work to your life and into others lives so important?  I love Simon Sinek's TED TALK 'Start with Why'  to create inspiration and commitment in your path. From the why, you have a clear mission to guide you and your actions moving forward.

2) Find your mentor, be inspired and listen in. I remember when I first met Susanne Conrad, a vision & goals force to be reckoned with, the Director of Possibility at lululemon athletica  and the Founder of the igolu movement. She came in to my World talking possibility and creativity and I was all in. We spoke of creating an event together for the community in Santa Monica, California about goal setting and we did. I remember the workshop so clearly and hearing her speak of the power of goals and I said, "yep, I want to do that forever and ever". I have shadowed and learned and been certified with Susanne Conrad now for over nine years. I believe in trusted guidance, I believe in shadowing to learn a craft and I believe in being a student and a teacher at the same time. We are still creating events together to this day.

3) To certify or not to certify, that is the question? This is all a matter of personal choice and leadership style. I found a body of work that I believe in and I moved towards certification because I love a foundation, I love tools to offer and I really love any type of education. However, I also love the book by Chris Guillebeau, The Art of Non-Conformity which speak to paving your own way, creating your own programming and not worrying about a shiny document that say you can. You do what feels right to you. I am the kind of person that loves a permission slip, guidelines to feel confident in my work, and I love a program that I can offer, grow with and make my own! IGOLU was the choice for me. Other great programs to check out:  CTI, IPEC, and The Life Coach School.

4) Practice, practice, practice. Probably since I was in high school, I would goal coach anyone that would listen. In my goal coach lifetime, I have probably offered more free coaching than I have paid coaching. When I was starting out, I really needed the space, time and well, practice to find my voice in this work, to know my own style. I wanted to hone my craft, get clear on the messaging that felt authentic in the work I was offering within myself and with others. I led 1:1 and group sessions for free to not only start to get acquainted with the work, yet also to learn, receive feedback and meet new people. I got clear on what landed and what did not in sharing different principles. I got clear that I am more of the accountability ass kicker than sweet hand holder. It creates your offerings and your mojo, really. Practice, shadow, read books, offer, practice, shadow. Forever the student and the teacher.

5) A coach and their coaches. I am surrounded by amazing coaches in the many fields of coach offering. The intuitives, the crystal readers, the goal coaches, the life coaches, artists, teachers, the motivational speakers and the yoga teachers. I do this on purpose to learn new ways, seek new resources for expansion and rock with like minded individuals who believe in this type of work. Also, I hire coaches yearly. Currently, I am working with a woman from the Life Coach School mentioned above. I believe coaches need coaches, too. 

6) Take me to the library, I have to study. I share often with people that I am a book nerd and lover of learning. One of my core values is knowledge, so give me that highlighter and editing pen and I am all in for that podcast, Ted Talk, seminar, workshop or self help read. I believe the more we learn and expand, the more we can offer in our programming to ourselves and our clients. 

7) Last but definitely not least, live the work. When you are investing in a program or creating one, live the work fully. Albeit vulnerable and definitely not perfect, I live the goals work so I can speak authentically to how it shows up for me and then be open to listen to how it can show up for you. From this space, this is the deeper connection we create together as coaches and truly, as human beings.

8) Bonus note: You have to got to believe in yourself. Period. Believe in your voice, your own goals, your ability to be of service and create from that burning space of red hot belief. Go.

Coaches out there, any tips you would share to someone just starting out?

Future coaches, what books are you reading, what programs are you rocking?  Share below so that we can inspire one another.