Vision Crafting. Go See.

We were sitting on our couch chatting about the future, the baby (p.s. I'm totally pregnant!) and who we want to be as parents. I looked at the front door.

I look back at Chris.

Front door. Chris.

I said, "I have to tell you, I don't envision us carrying her through that door when we bring her home for the first time from the hospital. It just doesn't feel like it is here, babe".

He looked at the front door, sighed and looked back at me and said that he felt the exact same way.

To paint the picture, Chris and I live in a perfect little lite grey bungalow made for two (and two pups) in a great neighborhood in Denver. The space is quaint, a sweet backyard for dog running and a fire pit, there is a finished basement for lounging and to be real, our bedroom doorway is an archway (cough, no bedroom door at all).

We could have somehow made it work with an addition of a little babe to our family but it would have been super tight and to be real, forced.

So we started to realize that this place is not the place. We start to vision up what would be the ideal, like her own nursery room (to decorate!) and an office so I don't live/work/dine/coach right out of our sweet breakfast nook. We got super excited about the idea of a guest bedroom, we don't live close to any of our family and the whole air mattress basement love was not the best for Grandma and Grandpa visits! The yard has to be there, and to get really real we would love a fireplace and one amazing mountain in the backyard to hike daily.

Yes, we got our vision craft on.

Vision crafting is creating an image, a snapshot in the future that inspires, moves you and feels possible. Your life visions can be set 10 years, 5 years or even for us, one month into the future. I can see/feel/smell the space in my mind when we started to close your eyes and hear the words with guest bedroom, crackling fireplace and nursery vibes. You get to go see what is possible and remove constraints of the now (like time, money, experience...).

Now, here is what happened after. We wake up that weekend and are doing a sweet Saturday lounge in bed. I am probably still zonked out while Chris is scrolling through Zillow. You should know, he is a big house searching guy and is actually really good at it. Every few days my email inbox fills with cool housing, even when we aren't looking. However, today was different. Chris was showing me a few spaces in the neighborhood and they were appealing. A fireplace here and there, woodfloors, extra bedroom... I tell him to put that thing away and let's start our day. He totally doesn't and he shows me a few more. There is this one house with colorful walls and a nursery room and a cute backyard.  I check it out holding the phone about 3 centimeters from my face as I don't have my glasses on or contacts in yet (eyesight, so bad over here). I am reading about the property and they have an Open House that day - let's go see it, why not?

An hour later we are out the door running grown up errands, like Costco tire inquiries and Target runs and what the hell, we swing by the place. It is about 10 blocks from our current spot in a neighborhood we love, so we knock on the door.

We are the first people to show up for the open house event and the young man that greets us is the new owner and wildly hungover from celebrating a hockey game win. He was struggling. Chris and he connect over hockey. And you guys, the place is adorable. And seemingly out of our price range. Another couple walks in with their dog and I immediately get territorial in my mind, like oh no you don't, we were here first. So we explore more until they leave, you know, staking our out-of-price-range-but-a-girl-can-dream turf.

We thank the hungover dude for the tour and carry on with errands.

Distracting ourselves, we find topics to talk about and then bring up that one part of the house that is so cute. And then we shoot it down because of cost and the last minute-ness of it all and the fact that we would have to sublet our place and we have not even talked to our landlord. And moving over the holidays, who does that? And packing, gross. You know how it works when you get close to something and fear or doubt creeps in and starts telling stories, oh we did that.

Chris went into a major funk mood. I felt I kept my cool.

We think and think and think on it. And then it was time to get real. I busted out the old computer on a Saturday evening and we put together a budget (I know, about time!). We got clear on all of our fixed expenses, all of our imagined expenses, income, dog costs - a whole lot more grown up stuff. And to be honest, we got possible.

Note to share: we recognized that day about five days into the month that we had already spent forty five dollars at Starbucks (insert embarrassment now, damn pumpkin spice lattes and my ability to be duped for limited edition...). Wow.

Yet in this process, we got clear that this house can be possible. We can make this work. Less Starbucks (among other things), more living space! We can do this!

So we get crazy with this vision. I mean, crazy. Chris calls the hungover dude homeowner and tells him to send us an application. Chris emails our current landlord to see if we can sublet. She responds a few days later with a yes and Chris immediately posts our cute tiny bungalow made for two (and two pups) up for lease. NOTE: I realize Chris did most of the work, and yes I am thankful beyond that I married him and am having babies with him. So grateful.

So we wait.


We wait only one day and a man from San Fran calls about the sublease. He is all in, where can he sign is the conversation he has with Chris.

And our applications go through and we are approved for the new house.

Over and over again Chris and I look at one another and on repeat we say, "is this actually happening? For real?".  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Fast forward maybe 6 more days, we are at a local coffee shop signing papers. We are slangin' checks. We are getting a sublet set up. We are officially moving. This vision is happening. From the moment we saw the place in our mind to the moment we signed the new home, I would guestimate a matter of 16 days MAX.

We move this weekend.

We move to a new home 10 blocks aways with colorful walls, a guest bedroom, an expansive backyard with a garden, an office with great lighting and a nursery room. To be clear, there is no fireplace or mountain to hike in the backyard (yet). However, there is a claw foot tub and that feels really dreamy to me.

Take time to vision craft. Go see an image, a snapshot in time in the future that moves your, excites you, allows a new possibility. Here is a guided meditation (scroll down to the SoundCloud insert) from Susanne Conrad, Founder of igolu (I will record one for you soon, too!). Note: Do create space to remove the constraints of the now (need a boost to let go of the bullshit, try this igolu exercise, The Ship in the Night recorded by best friend and amazing coach, Matt Hoglund).

I know this: Vision crafting is an incredible way to create your goals from a possible vision of your own design. What a perfect way to explore your future by seeing it, feeling it, crafting it for you and all you desire. I know 2016 is quickly approaching and it gets real in January, yet this vision work can be done any time, any day, any month. Even today.

Go see. And make it happen.

Holler at me if you need support, always.  Love, Jacki