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Closing Artist | DYBRKR DENVER Leis & Shades

Two words: BEACH. BASH.

Let’s wake up early with a morning beach bash, where we’ll go coco-nuts on the dance floor at The Church. We’ve got J|Adore on the 1’s and 2’s and MC Reace Daniel will return to the mic to keep our spirits soaring like seagulls, and Nickki Head from Yoga Pod LoDo leading us through a flow!

As usual, we’ll keep you on your toes the whole morning through with live performances, unforgettable moments and crazy surprises.

So brush off that hula skirt, rally your beach crew and let’s GO.

See you on the dance floor. Use code 'DANCEWITHJACKI' at checkout. 

// Yoga with Nickki Head of Yoga Pod LoDo 6 – 7am
// Dance Party 7 – 9am
// Featuring DJ J|Adore & MC Reace Daniel
// Closing Artist Goals Alive with Jacki Carr
// Free coffee, healthy juices & breakfast treats