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goalSPEAK Live: Front Porch Yin + Workshop

How often do we really listen to what we are speaking - be it out loud or in our own beautiful minds? It is a major effort to tune in that dial and see what we are asking for, perhaps a storyline we have on repeat or even, what we might be blocking. Let's explore this and get clear on what we do want so we can be open to receiving it, saying it, being it.

Can you take time this October to be intentional, to take the time to define what you really want and speak it out loud? Let's practice together. 


Let's talk it out on my front porch as we connect on content and yin yoga. 

We will cover:

+ The Lightyear Leadership exercise, the Power of Knowing What you Want

+ We will explore our language and speaking up by practicing sharing out loud what we do want

+ 35min Yin Yoga Class under the evergreen trees

What to bring:

+ A journal and a pen (or many markers, I know some of you travel with all the pens)

+ An open mind. 

+ A yoga mat and a blanket.

Coffee and development snacks provided (I always need caffeine & chocolate when diving into the SELF work).


Questions, email me at