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SOLD OUT // goalSPEAK LIVE: Go All In Workshop

I have heard from a lot of amazing humans as of late their disdain for goal setting. They want to go with the flow and goal setting has failed them in the past. And you know what, I get it. I used to set aggressive and reactive goals that never served me either. 

So let's explore a different conversation and get to the guts of our goals before we go all in. Can you take the time to define what you really want, what happens when you get turned upside down and how goals can actually support you in your growth as a human being. 


Join me for a morning session up in the Rocky Mountains in GOAL SETTING. Let's talk it out on my front porch as we deep dive into going all in with your goals. 

We will cover:

+ Core Value alignment. (Every attendee gets a Core Values Card Deck!).

+ The Lighteyar Leadership principle of 99% = 0. Getting to 100 is the goal.

+ The Edge of your Goals, knowing when you get uncomfortable and how to recover.

+ Powerful language when goal setting and how to share them out loud.

+ A delicious 25 minute Yin Yoga Class to end the session. 

What to bring:

+ A journal and a pen (or many markers, I know some of you travel with all the pens)

+ Have a vision board, bring it with you!

+ An open mind. 

+ A yoga mat and a blanket.

Coffee and development snacks provided (I always need caffeine & chocolate when diving into the SELF work).