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Grow Where You are Planted with Rooney Bloom

A planting workshop meets self help talk!

Join Jacki Carr (me!) and Eric Rooney of Rooney Bloom for an interactive workshop to explore our roots. Let's get to our human nature while exploring nature. Expect a core values workshop with your own core values card deck and a planting experience with seeds and your own pottery.

Let's choose to grow where we are planted, it is all in the mindset.

What you will walk away with:

+ A core value deck to explore your own values and how to live them with intention and sweet, sweet patience.

+ Herb seed you will plant in a sweet take-home pottery that you will care for and in the future and consume!

+ An energizing conversation about the nature of all things, how we live and how we grow.

+ Community connection with local Denver hearts 

No gardener experience, no problem. Rooney will teach you the ropes. Weird about self help stuff, no problem, Jacki talks the real talk.