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LIGHTYEAR // Personal Legacy Course

Join me (Jacki Carr), faculty member for Lightyear Leadership for the Personal Legacy course starting Monday, January 14. This course is meant to create a space in your week (and life) to take time for you, to invest in your now and your future. We will explore Legacy Design, the Line of Choice, Vision & Goals, and Declarations.

When working and learning in a group, people hold keys for one another to have new insights into themselves and each other. Experiential learning as a group or team strengthens the learning and potential to radically transform your life.

The Personal Legacy Course includes five live video-conference sessions led by me. It also includes 23 multimedia assignments. Each assignment can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete and the course takes 5 weeks to complete.

What you will walk away with after LIGHTYEAR // Personal Legacy

+ A clear definition of legacy and your unique impact when you show up as your most true and best self.

+ Tools to access choice, listen deeper and take responsibility of your language versus living in reaction and fear. 

+ An upgrade and a clear understanding of you in the present moment now via interviews with your loved ones. 

+ A vision for your life in 10 years unconstrained of the past and all about possibility.

+ A clear how-to goals 101 and practice in creating powerful and aligned goals, a roadmap to your future.

+ A bold declaration to commit and align you to your highest good.


Time: Calls will be at 12PM MST (11AM PST | 2PM EST)

Dates: MONDAYS, January 14 | January 21 | January 28 |

and February 4 | February 11

Call times are 60 minutes in duration and inspiration.