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Rock Your Bliss: Make Shift Happen Workshop


Let's get intentional, together. Join Rock Your Bliss Co-Founders, Jacki Carr & Mary Beth LaRue, for an evening of heavy duty blisscrafting in this 2-hour Make Shift Happen Online Workshop. 

We will come together on ZOOM video chat (think Hollywood Squares MEETS Skype) and discuss the power of shifting our perspective to explore greater bliss in our days, weeks, and this year of 2018. Be prepared to explore one area in your life that we can dive into during this workshop to really feel a shift in your thoughts, actions and goals.


In this workshop, we will explore:

+ What you want to create this week, this month and this year. 

+ Crafting intentions, a why around what you are creating, for your wants so they are rooted in purpose. 

+ Examining and releasing thoughts or behaviors that prevent you from creating and believing in your innate worthiness.

+ Creatively set 3 NOW goals and 2 FUTURE goals to support your direction, progress and bliss.

+ Conscious calendar-ing to actually make your goals happen.


We are proud to be an all inclusive movement to bliss, all are welcome, all are ready, you belong.