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Vision Board Your 2019 X SheSays Denver

Whether your goals be simple or grand; for next week or for the year; they are all part of creating the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Creativity shouldn't have boundaries, so get covered in glue and daydream. Join in for the 2nd annual vision board session with Jacki Carr, co-founder of Rock Your Bliss & motivational goals coach, as she leads us in crafting vision boards.

Presented by SheSays Denver, an award-winning global organization for women in the digital and creative industries, focusing on career development, skills building, and networking opportunities.

Please BYO:
2-3 Magazines (all kinds)
Poster Board, Planner, Canvas (whatever you would like your vision board to be)

SheSays will bring all the GLUE to make it real! And apps, HealthAde Kombucha drinks, and copious amounts of connection & inspiration will be provided, too!

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