2014 | A Year in Review

Even writing the title to this blog, I feel a long sigh. A sigh that tells me I should do this review thing, this gratitude thing, this awareness thing way more often. Because what a year. What a life. What a day.

As I close my eyes, I become my own 2014 Facebook Favorite Moments. Images, feelings, smiles, even the hard stuff, too flashes through my mind and I sit here so radically aware that I actually was alive this year. As much as this time of year always throws me into a tizzy of thinking what I should be doing better, what I could be more organized at and how I could have sweat a couple more times this week really, this morning alone with a warm cup of coffee and my thoughts .... wow, it is necessary.

So let's review.

January I landed my first speaking gig at the Texas Yoga Conference and then flew directly to Mexico on February 1 for the first Rock Your Bliss Retreat in Sayulita. And 2014 was off and running.

February was insane. I said good bye to my 20s and welcomed 30 with an engagement ring from my man, Chris Hynes. I said yes. Obviously.

March brought us Moose. Or, I should say Chris adopted Moose while I was out of town with Rock Your Bliss in Philly and I came home to a family of four, Chris, Bear, baby Moose and me. He texted me and wrote 'YOLO, I got a puppy.'. That happened.

In April my family came to visit. I asked them to come for their Spring Break holiday and we hiked, hit the beach, snacked, snuggled and Vespa'd all over Venice. There is power in the bold request. Make it.

The Summer is a blur. My best friend got married which meant we did Vegas right with the Thunder Down Under for her bachelorette. Travelling to Indiana for her wedding, we rocked the Indy 500 this year. I think I am still hungover today. Chris and I got in a tent often and camping removed another layer from my heart and let Chris in even deeper. Sleeping under stars will do that. I spoke at Hanuman Festival and I can honestly say I totally bombed it. There were a couple 1/2 marathons in there, I ran 100 miles in July and oh man, a lot of red wine bottles.  And after years of living in LA, I finally "learned to surf". Take the quotations for whatever you think they mean.  Holy goals, Mary Beth and I brought Rock Your Bliss to Wanderlust Fest, that was incredible. And Chris and I made last minute trips to the Midwest because family rules.

September and October were crazy town. I traveled here, there and everywhere for Rock Your Bliss. It was a lot of learnings, a lot of energy and beautiful connection in the USA and Canada. I came home for much needed time with Chris and the dogs. We did more camping, we got more clear and the mountains were calling.

November was decision time. Chris and I realized we are actually doing this wedding thing, starting a family of dogs and future babies and the geography mattered. We made the decision to make the big move to the Rocky Mountains for the outdoors life, the big back yard and the possibilities. And so, we started spreading the news. Like in the movies, you think it will be one big good bye party.

It is not.

Saying good bye to your close friends and the community you love, waving adios to the sand and palm trees and re-figuring your business strategies is no easy task. Oh, and packing. Packing your life, the Vespa, the dogs. What a mess.

Goals are messy. I knew it. But I keep learning it.

December came through like a tornado. I watched 'Christmas Vacation' four times and then we roadtripped to Colorado to sign a lease. Or so it felt that way.

And here I sit in my fiance's (still fun to say, fiance) childhood home in Chicago. Everyone is out this morning and well, I'm freezing. It is probably 12 degrees outside. I am smiling because what a year. And to be honest, I probably have a gnarly twitch because we are roadtripping home in two days, but home is little blue house in Denver with a basement and a breakfast nook, not the crazy Venice apartment we have tried to make feel like home the past three and a half years.

Weird. And wow. We did it.

2014. I love you.

I am all the emotions at once as I embark on a new year. Excited, scared, terrified, curious, happy, engaged, stressed out, grateful, and so ready. And I would not have it any other way.

Bring it, 2015.  Bring it all.