What I Learned at 2013 99U Conference

This past week I was granted the opportunity to attend the 99U Conference in NYC. I am in love with my job that sends me to rad conferences with speakers like Brene Brown, Scott Belsky, Cal Newport, Ramit Sethi and Michael Wolff, who share their knowledge to better me as a creative person. And, I want to share that knowledge with you: 1) Think about your job. First ask, is this worth my time? Hopefully you said yes. Now, when you close your eyes and think about success in your work now or in the future, ask yourself what impact have you had on the World? You are responsible for creating a future that would otherwise not exist, what are you getting up to in order to make that future better? @meetup

2) Without vulnerability, you cannot create. Vulnerability takes courage. I want you to know that if COURAGE is a value you have, you are going to get your ass kicked. Why? Because you are living it that big. Own it. @brenebrown

3) There is a common theme in corporations to try to get 'more' out of their people through pushing and pushing. However, you will always yield better results across the board when you invest and listen to your people. @tonyschwartz

4) There is an endless stream of connectivity: emails, texts, Facebook, Messages, Twitter, DM, LinkedIn, VM, Behance, paper mail... We have entered an era of REACTIONARY workflow. Commit to creating time in your calendar, giving yourself windows of time of non-stimulation. @scottbelsky

5) If everyone thinks you are crazy, you are actually crazy OR really onto something. @scottbelsky

6) Teach your clients to revere your work. Be crystal clear on the value of what you are offering. @ramitsethi

7) Surround yourself with a community that is supportive and compassionate about the product you are creating. THIS will rock the culture and actually become/create the brand. @leahbusque

8) Ask why, why, why? Work that muscle of curiosity until it almost become unbearable.  This will feed and enrich the imagination. @michaelwolff

9) Success is not final. NEVER let success get in the way of creativity. @joshuadavis

10) See red tape, the waiting game that you encounter as part of the art, part of the game. Patience is clutch when executing. @ajjacobs

I could actually go on and on and on. There were a lot of juicy notes, such passion from the speakers, and amazing creators in the audience.

What I feel compelled to share is how inspired I am to get in action. I know that I am one radical goal coach and yet I sit in fear waiting to launch my idea of goal coaching meets hiking. Workshops, retreats and my future in an Airstream office parked at the trailhead. An idea I know in all of my being is worth sharing!

I am ready to create, fail fast and make shit happen.

I ask you to hold me accountable. As soon as I get back from an amazing adventure with my sister in Italy celebrating her college graduation with backpacks, wine and gluten-FULL pasta, please hold me accountable.

See you On the Rocks.