A Neon Life Jukebox

I used to listen to Country music as a kid growing up in Texas.  I mean, George Strait, Keith Urban, Clay Walker, Shania Twain, Billy Ray Cyrus, Pat Green...all of them.  You know I was at that Dixie Chicks concert!  And I remember being a bit teased when I hit about 6th or 7th grade and all the cool kids started listening to what we call Alternative music. Well, I just wasn't feeling it ... at all.   I didn't want to go Walkin' in the Spiderwebs with Gwen Stefani or Rage against some Machine.

So, I didn't.

Fast forward:  today in yoga, the teacher asked us to find our inner rhythm and then find our flow on the mat, in our practice, and then of course - in our lives.

No, I did not get up and two-step; however, I thought about the tune or song I might have been playing in that moment, or this morning when I woke up, or even the past few weeks.  What rhythm have I been rocking?   Well, I heard it, and it was rigid, aggressive and not my style, nor my music flavor.  And it even reminded me of the time my high school best friend tried to make me listen to 311 and I had to sit there yearning for a guitar twang or a lyric containing a well-known "y'all"...

Dear Self, why now with the Alternative?  Change the life station!

I now see my ever-glowing, neon Life Jukebox.  Yes, I have one.  And I ask myself, which song do you need to pick today?  Which song do you need in this moment?  Or more so, which song would you want streaming, say if you had a Life Soundtrack following you around?

I just pressed the button for a mash up of Chaka Khan's 'I'm Every Woman' and  Florence and the Machine's 'Dog Days are Over'.  I'm a freakin' powerhouse over here.  Watch out!

Note:  I totally and utterly realize that it is a radical visual - yes, both of them:  the neon Life Jukebox, as well as the Life Soundtrack.  You can have them, too.

You can.

Because you already have the ability to stand at that neon, music-making machine (or the wonders of YouTube.com) and totally choose to rock out whatever life song you want.  You are truly in choice when you realize that gnarly racket that might be blaring out of your body, and choose to rock to a different rhythm that serves YOU.  I say, that is really the beauty of the life jukebox.

You feel me on this one?

Feel your rhythm.  Choose your song.  Rock your life, people.