Act the Way You Want to Feel

I was recently featured on this rad site:  Act the Way you Want to Feel run by a rad chic in SF named Lindsay who is a yogi heart, straight shooter, and hell of a good time! When I was approached to submit my answers, I will tell you, I felt somewhat like a phony.  I wrote a lot about moving my body and the love of sweat and signing out loud.  And while writing it, I will be honest and tell you that I had not sweat once that whole week, okay more like the whole month.  Coming back from a carb loaded and wine fest of a vacation, I felt swamped in the catch up of work and put the sweating off to the way side.

However, when I came to pressing send on the answers that day, I immediately got up and went for a run.  It was almost like, well, you better rock what you write.  Act like you want to feel, and by act, I mean get in action, Jacki!  Endorphins make me a better person, for real.

And thus, I love what this blog is about.  Sharing how you want to feel and then getting your ass in action to feel that way.  And I want to share it with you!

I urge you to write down how you want to feel.  Answer the same questions I did, (posted below) and share them with my girl, Linds!  And then, I say, get in action and figure out a way to feel that way.

- how do you want to feel?
- what is it that you do to feel that way?
- do you have an intention or a mantra that you work with?
- what's your go-to feel good fix?
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Twitter:  @acttheway