Adventure: 30 days?

I recently embarked on a 30 day challenge of no sugar, no gluten, no dairy.    Wait, what?  You mean no red wine?  No cheese?  Whoa, hold the phone - no dark chocolate?   Yes, you are correct and we are totally on the same page if those three food items literally just danced in your head.

So, a yogi friend of mine rolled out this 3 month journey broken into 30 day challenges on her blog, get inspired here

Day 1 was okay.  Day 2 was very odd and hungry.  We won't even talk about day 3.  Day 4, 5 and 6 were actually working out okay minus a minor visual that sparked in my head of a date night with my man and a tub of movie popcorn.   Too tempting.  We didn't go to the movie.

Just to share though, I have been pondering this challenge now that I am closing in on the finish line of day 7.  Here are my thoughts below:

 How crazy is it that I miss dark chocolate like an old friend you don't talk to anymore because of irreconcilable differences?  The mixture of a dark chocolate with almonds?  Or those little dark chocolate nuggets at the Whole Foods counter, the proceeds go to save the Dolphins, people!

Or, how about the cork pop of a bottle of wine?  A sound I miss and an action I thoroughly enjoyed (past tense), as I sit here googling wine clubs to join.  There was a lady in front of me at the grocery today - she had 12 bottles of red wine as her entire purchase.  I told the Universe, "good one".

 Oh, and the beauty of a cutting board and a sharp knife cutting through a huge hunk of manchego cheese or large wedge of truffle cheese from Whole Foods.  On a gluten free cracker, perhaps as a soup garnish? 

And, the self-serve popcorn butter drizzle station at AMC.  It's almost as if I can smell it.

I will say on the flip side, as I am sure you were waiting from some inspiring notion about all this or asking, then Why?  Why? Why do this?  I'll tell you why - I chose three words for my 2012 year and one of them was 'commitment'.  Of course, I chose that one for this year - or course!  So, I am committed to this challenge and I am committed to commitment.

And, I feel proud of myself.  It is an achievement each day.  Yes, my chocolate mountain to climb might be your molehill over there - but to each their own. 

And, I keep trekkin...