Adventure: A Couple that Sweats Together, Stays Together!

So this past weekend, Chris and I embarked on our adventure!  We cycled from Mundelein, IL to Chicago, IL on Sunday morning!  Google maps declared it a little under 40 miles and an estimated arrival time within 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Sounds like fun!

We start our journey a little before 11am after a hearty breakfast.  We were super excited and the MOST friendly riders on the trail.  I do think we said 'good morning', 'hello', 'hi there'  and 'afternoon' to half of Greater Chicago!  This was of course in the first 3 hours of the ride. 

For some odd reason, it took Chris and I close to 6 hours to finish our trek.  Mind you, we were leisurely riding at a nice Sunday pace and did stop for a couple granola bars, an amazing cookie from Bob's Market, a push pop and water! 

When we got back home, we were exhausted.  Butts were killing us.  Maybe a couple knee twitches and a thirst for a nice cold beer that I have never known!  It was amazing though, we made it...together!

Because....the couple that sweats together, stays together!  ;)