Adventure: a Love Letter to Me

Dear Self, In honor of the Day of Valentine's - I will write you (me) a love letter.

I am proud of you for who you have become.  I am sincerely happy that you have found love.  Love in all forms.  Love in a partner.  Love in your friends.  Love in your job.  Love in your life.  It is a true gift and one you should always wake up in true gratitude for with a smile every morning.

I am almost shocked and mildly, okay, wildly impressed with your commitments lately.  You show up where you say you will be, on time and present.  You have integrity in a new, more mature way.  Continue to live this way.  As you have seen the commitment of your yoga unfold to a beautiful, heart-opening practice, so will you see your life unfold to a beautiful, heart-opening practice, if you continue to commit to love, integrity and yourself.

I love your communication style, as of late.  I am not sure if the turn of your birthday or this new year has turned you - but you have become more open, trusting your intuition and sharing more.  You have deeper friendships and deeper love for this. 

Never forget you are on a journey.  You and your ego quarrel often, and that is fine.  Be in that space and know that is part of your path and part of your life movement.  From zen to aggressive - you are who you are, so live in SoCal and ride that wave, and always trust yourself.

Hug yourself more.  You are doing good for the World...even when you think you might be lagging behind.  Patience is still something you are learning in this life.  Have grace and forgiveness in these moments.  Again, you are on the journey.

And finally, book your romantic Summer trip to Colorado.  What are you waiting for? 

Love yourself.

With love,