Adventure: a love story

During my daily stalk on, I stumbled upon a status update that sparked a memory. It read: "imagine how many people in the world are in love with others and it's mutual but no one ever says it............."

I pondered the provoking thought and thus, I will share my love story.

I met Chris Hynes in 2002 within the first few weeks of our college years at Indiana University. He was a baseball player, blue eyes, handsome, insightful, sensitive, listened to cool music....swoon.


Anyways, he was in love with someone else. Go figure. And honestly, at that time in my life, I was on the ultimate freedom high. No parents, no rules, just right. Think exact opposite of what it means to be 'grounded'.

What I am saying is, our spark had not lit just yet.  No basically meant, not yet.

So fast forward 7 years and you will find Chris and I as close friends sitting in a small bar on the corner of some cute street in Brentwood, California. We were eating dinner at the bar, sipping red wine and catching up. Chris was in visiting me from Chicago.

The bartenders and waiters immediately loved us. "Here, taste this wine", "oh, how about this one"... And somewhere in the midst of all the tasting, long distance friendship and conversation, the restaurant had closed and there we were hanging out with the whole restaurant crew after hours. Laughing. Smilling. Happy. The nagging reminder that Chris and I were running a 10K in Santa Monica the next morning was slowly washed away, literally.

Finally, Chris and I pry ourselves away from our new best friends and wine connoisseurs. I lived a couple blocks away, so we cross the street, holding hands heading home. Reminder, all those sips of wine can get the best of you and BOOM, there I go.  I trip and fall down. I know, really attractive sprawled across the LA concrete. However, I am in stiches laughing and Chris bends down to help me up.

He kisses me.

And all of the sudden, I just burst out:

"I love you!"

Wait, let me paint the picture: as you know I am sprawled on the ground, somewhat drunk on red wine but also drunk off the past two hours of the amazing connection and energy between us. The words erupt up and out of my mouth like a Jack in the Box and I immediately clasp both hands over my mouth, shocked at what I just said. Chris' big blue eyes are staring at me in this moment-mixture of disbelief, shock and a pinch of awkward.

I shrug and admit, "I do, I do" in this high pitched, painfully happy, honest and almost apologetic way.

And there it is. My 'holy shit i love you' love story.

I put my big red heart out there and fell in love outloud.

To this day, I still rub it in Chris' face that I told him the grandiose "i love you" first!

And, I am so happy.

So in response to that facebook post, put your big read heart out there.  Love and be loved.