Adventure: Beautiful Distraction

Okay, I admit it, I hate running and talking at the same time.  I was never great with running partners because I never truly mastered the syncing of rhythm + speed +breath  to allow for smooth conversation.  Thus, my ability to talk without sounding completely out of shape was not there.  Ego check?  Oh yes, you're still there.    So today, it was an incredibly glorious day.  I had to get my feet in the sand and body in the sun!  Give me that sweat and Vitamin D, please.

I begin the mile trek from my apartment down to Venice beach on my bicycle and my dear Mother calls.  I am already rocking out to some 80' s station on Pandora, so I flip the switch and answer.  To my disbelief, she says my headphones are crystal clear.  So, we are chatting about life, my day, her crazy day and what she is up to for the evening, all while I am biking and being very defensive and safe (hands free headphones).  We actually continue the conversation while I lock my bike up and embark on my beach run.   Smooth so far and really a beautiful distraction to my beginning-to-barkcalves due to barefoot on the sand running.  Note #1:  Beach runs are such a gnarly workout for the legs, get out there in that soft sand!

So a 1/2 mile in and Mom has to jet.  I immediately miss the friendly banter and run partner of a family member via mobile unit.  So I stop short and peruse the contact sheet, I dial up my sister.  She answers and the run is back on.  We chat about this and that, the sunny day here, the absolute absurd amount of bathing suits she owns, about our Mother ...the usual.  And my run is over!  I am schlepping through the soft sand back to my bike and she hands the phone over to good ol' Dad!  There we are...chatting away about our upcoming family trip to Aspen, his birthday, when the family should visit me in California this Summer...and my bike comes to a halt and I am home.

What?  How phenomenal is that? 

Biking in the sun to the beach while talking to Mom.  Running in the sand while talking to Mom.  Continued and completed run while talking to Sister.  Biking in the sun back home while talking to Dad.

It was one of the most enjoyable workouts ... ever.  Two of my favorite things coming together:  family and sweating-in-the-sun.  If you were like me with the ego around the out of breath convos while running, I say give it another try...well, and maybe slow down a notch!  So yes, I highly recommend the family reconnection while working out in the sunshine and on the sand.  #beautifuldistraction  #clearconnection

Note #2: Take no mind to all the staring passersby who think you are crazy talking to yourself about swimsuits or your Mother while running.  It keeps it interesting.