Adventure: Bonnaroo

I recently attended the epic-ness that is Bonnaroo, a music meets art meets awesome festival in the middle of nowhere, also known as Manchester, Tennessee. I could share with you about the amazing music, the unreal energy of the people and the booze fest that was this life in an RV with  lost credit cards, jean shorts, oversized sunglasses and bandanas on my head.  However, what I really want to share is the amazing space that is vacation.  And by vacation, I mean time off for Y-O-U.

I embarked on this adventure with my best friend, Chris New.   He actually bought my ticket as a birthday present in February.  Upon arrival to the RV we were taking to the fest, inside sitting on the bed was *surprise* my best friend, Alex Christensen.  A trip with best friends in an RV to listen to music with no available cell phone service.  Is this real life?

The answer is yes.  It is real life, because I let it be my life.

NOTE:  Most of my allotted vacation days are spent on family trips to see my sister graduate, celebrate the 4th of July at Grandma's house or visit my boyfriend's family at their summer cabin in Wisconsin.  These are my favorite times with family and loved ones.

On another note, I actually cannot remember a time I took a vacation just for me.  Spring Break in college?  Does that event count?

I highly, highly recommend taking some time for you and that unexpected adventure you have been thinking about.  A trip to celebrate, be with friends/family and just be.  For no specific reason or tradition or wedding.  Just be in the time off, perhaps the middle of nowhere, unavailable via mobile or cyber World and utterly and radically available to the present moment.

It energizes you in a different way.   A very different, beautiful and epic way.


WOW, that was fun!