Adventure: Colorado Allergies

I recently returned from a trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado with my man, Chris Hynes.  We were on an adventure.  We camped for 5 days.  Yes, in a tent.  We hiked all over (10 milers, 4 milers...).  Hit the local bars and  sipped sweet cocktails.  There were sweet naps on park benches and conversations on big blankets by the Yampa River. Now, let me tell you something - it is dry in Colorado.  There was heat, cotton balls flying all over the air and allergies.  I was scolding the second day of our trip as I was literally puffy eyes, runny nose and clogged ears.  I was miserable.  I told my man to go do something fun and leave me to my sinus mess.

He said, "No way.  I'm with you, babe.".

I smile.  Chris is a very patient, loving and compassionate dude.  He stuck it out with me and really took care of me.  It was a hard lesson to learn.  We were there in our favorite state that is CO, we were hiking and enjoying the mountains and folksy music blasting from our rental car.  Then, I got sick and proceeded to the level of angry when I saw our joyous vacation go up in sneezes.

And then, I let go.

I allowed space and let Chris take care of me.  Love me.  We may not have been hiking up the tallest mountain in Vibrams or raging down a river in some cool float boat that day.  But in a moment in time, laying on his lap and taking a sweet nap by the river, I woke up, found myself drooling on his leg and looked up and thanked him for letting me sleep mid-day on our precious vacation together (and, also for letting me drool on his boardshorts).  I thanked him for letting me be sick, so that I could actually let me be sick.

And the next day, we hiked again.

Learn to let go.  Allow space for others.

Try it and be loved.