Adventure: Cycle and Yoga w/ Dad!

On recent home trip home to Houston, I spent some quality time with good ol’ Dad. We usually do some athletic activity together, be it a trip to the gym, a run or a bike ride; it is kind of our thing.

One thing hard about living far away from your family – especially with one as radical and quite comical as mine, is all the fun things you ‘could’ do if you lived closer. Working out w/ Dad, family cookouts – my Dad is a grill master, pretending to be a teen again with my little sis, pretending to be in college again with my middle sis….the list goes on and on.

But on this trip, my Dad and I went for a bike ride in the sweltering and muggy environment that is Houston, TX. We rode down to the bike path near our house and really sweat it out!

Now, here’s the deal with biking and quality time. You have all these gears to work with, you are out of breathe, and for me, I have to concentrate on the road and handlebars as to not FALL off! Coming from my beachcruiser days in CA, the tighter handlebars and smaller frame was quite the change.  So, Dad and I went for this ride – and what it became was that silent support!  So I would lead and then Dad would lead. He was going for resistance w/ higher gears, I was going for speed and cardio in a lower gear. It made for a gnarly workout and one that allowed for little conversation and bonding. However, when I looked up at my Dad on our numerous water breaks – not ONLY did we have one matching lululemon athletica tops (not planned) but it was just that joy of being together. Just me and Dad, hitting the bike trail!

We got home and parked the bikes and I enrolled  my Dad to stretch it out in a nice little Surya Namaskar A. We set up our yoga mats by the pool and went to work!

It was just a great morning with Dad. I am so thankful to have a cool Dad and an amazing family that will partake in my adventure-seeking, fun and beautifully balanced life. The rest of the day was spent together with the whole crew – we had a friendly (somewhat competitive) game of water volleyball, watched a movie and sent me on my ways back to Chicago.

A perfect family adventure.