Adventure: Declare Balance!

Adventure: Declare Balance! My mom came to visit me a while back and left a life lesson on a post it note on my bathroom mirror reminding me that "sometimes, you have to go off balance before you can truly find your perfect life's balance".

I believe October was my month to go OFF balance. Whoa.

Its funny. I have a blog about adventures, life and love so that I can keep balance. However, I find when I have not posted in some time - I do not have that balance (or any fun adventures to share with the World).

In realizing that and not judging it - I declare November as my month to be in that "perfect life balance"!

And so, this past weekend my very best friend landed in Indianapolis from a year adventure of her own in Australia and yes, there was a WELCOME HOME party! And because my grandparents only live 1 hour away in Terre Haute, I figured I could squeeze in a lunch the following afternoon (boyfriend willing to drive and all....).

So as I am packing for this fun on Saturday afternoon - going through the usuals ... I look at my desk and wonder if I should bring my computer with me. I mean, I have my internet stick, I can work in the car during the 3ish hour drive? Crank out a couple emails....

Yes. No. Yes. No.

And I went with "no". I wanted to spend the weekend with my best friends, my boyfriend, my family. Why would the computer have to come along and allow for distraction on my days off? So, it didn't and it was amazing.

And in recapping the events and awaiting the week, I feel refreshed, fulfilled and....balanced.

Thanks Mom.